Neil Mathews

F. Neil Mathews 

Patrick and Edwige Olinde Professor
Special Assistant to the Dean

Bachelor's Degree(s): Education, Natural Science, Washington State University, 1975

Master's Degree: Education, Western Washington State University

Institute for Educational Leadership, National Policy Fellow, 1976-1977, George Washington University

Graduate Leadership Educational Policy Fellow, 1978-79,  Columbia University

PhD: Educational Psychology, University of Connecticut, 1979

Post Doctorate:  Institute for Education Management, Harvard University, 1999

Phone: (225) 578-6867

Fax: (225) 578-9135


Office: 223K Peabody Hall



Dr. F. Neil Mathews is a successful professor and administrator in higher education.  Dr. Mathews’ research and scholarly interests include higher education administration, teacher education, and the educational psychology of gifted and talented students.  He frequently represents the department, college, and university at community, state, and national events.  He writes about a number of issues affecting higher education and campus life in a university community.  Dr. Mathews is committed to strengthening higher education’s fundamental capacities to engage diverse and inclusive populations in the process of becoming a community of learners and problem-solvers.  In 2009, he returned to the Department of Educational Theory, Policy, and Practice after serving as an administrator at Louisiana State University: Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Academic Services (2001-2008), Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (1998-2001), Dean of the College of Education (1995-1998), Chair of  the Department of Curriculum and Instruction (1991-1995), Associate Dean of the College of Education (1989-1990), and Chair of  the Department of Human Development, (1981-1982). He currently serves as the Director of the School of Education. 

Selected Publications

Mathews, F. N. (2015). Student perceptions of schooling and society.  In S. Pec, Learning with and from students: Twenty examples. (Vol. 6 –ISBN 0-9709895-1-6). Sound Instruction Publications.

Mathews, F. N. (2015).  Global interdependence:  A new social science general education requirement.  National Social Science Journal.  46(1), 67-73.

Mathews, F. N. (2014). History of  black student participation  in a gifted and talented program.  Journal of Social Sciences Research.  6, 15-26.

Mathews, F. N. (2013). Transfer degree guarantee program: Recruitment, retention, financial aid, transfer, and graduation. Education. 3(6), 303-308.

Mathews, F. N. (2013). Collegiate values, ethics, and life choices.  Journal of  Social Sciences Research.  2, 4-10.


Selected Presentations

Mathews, F. N.  (2015, October),  Enrollment and Demographic Trends in a Forty-Year Program for Gifted and Talented Students.  Refereed  paper  presented at the Fall 2015 Conference of the National Social Science Association, New Orleans, LA. 

Mathews, F. N. (2015, September).  A Retrospective Study of Teacher Influence in Programs for Gifted and Talented Students.  Paper presented at 2015 Gifted Galaxy: Regional Gifted and Talented Conference, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Mathews, F. N. (2015, January).  Gifted and Talented Program Services, Challenges, Improvements, and Impacts:  Administrative Perspectives.  Paper  presented at  2015  Louisiana Council for Exceptional Children 34th Annual Super Conference on Special Education.  Lafayette, Louisiana

Mathews, F. N.  (2014, October).  Infusing Global Perspectives in a Social Science General Education Elective.  Refereed paper presented at the Fall 2014 Conference of the International Organization of Social Sciences and Behavior Research, Las Vegas, NV. 

Mathews, F. N.  (2014, February).  History of  Black Student Participation in a Gifted and  Talented Program.  Refereed paper presented at the Spring 2014 Conference of the International Organization of Social Sciences and Behavior Research, Biloxi Beach, MS.

Mathews, F. N. (2014, January).  Parents of  Gifted and Talented Students:  Creative Advocates.  Paper presented at the 2014 Louisiana Council for Exceptional Children 33rd  Annual State Super Conference. Lafayette, Louisiana