Recommended Computer Specifications


  Minimum   Recommended 
CPU (no Celeron)  Intel Core i5   Intel Core i7
OS Windows 7, 8.1*, 10* 64-bit  
Memory 8GB 16GB
Hard Disk 500GB 5400rpm 1TB 7200rpm OR 256GB SSD  
Removable Media    32GB+ USB Flash Drive; On occasion an external USB DVD Burner may be useful. 
Display 14" WXGA/WSXGA 15.6"+ FHD/UHD
Video 128MB Adapter 256MB Adapter
Wireless** IEEE 802.11g/n IEEE 802.11g/n/ac


Dell, Lenovo, Apple and Toshiba have established a pricing agreement that provides LSU faculty, staff and students with the ability to purchase hardware (laptops, and some desktops) at a significantly reduced cost.  For more information, please visit the Tigerware hardware purchasing page.

*We are reasonably certain that all software packages required in your curriculum will run properly on Windows 8.1 or 10, however we cannot guarantee this.  We also understand that new laptops will inevitably only be pre-loaded with Windows 8.1 or higher pre-installed.  If you are unable to purchase a laptop pre-loaded with Windows 7, you may download and install Windows 7 from Tigerware. Instructions for this process are found here.  Additionally, you may choose to install Windows 7 in a virtual environment to run the software on your Windows 8.1 or above laptop.  If you need assistance with either, please contact the LSU ITS Help Desk by email at or by calling 225-578-3375.

**Must be compatable with WPA-Enterprise/PEAP Security

Mac Specs

Any Intel-based Mac with at least 8GB memory and 250GB+ hard drive space is sufficient. 500GB of hard drive space is recommended

(Windows-only software can be run using virtualization programs, such as Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion (free to students) or SUN VirtualBox (free) or directly, with or without Mac OS. A selection of Mac OS, and Windows, software is available for download from Tigerware)


LSU provides, free of charge, a basic package of software titles for students. Several additional software titles are also available through the Tigerware site.