eCommerce Undergraduate Minor


This minor, created in collaboration with IBM, is intended for students interested in careers in eCommerce-related applications development and information technologies, including enterprise development, systems analysis & architecture, data warehousing, and data analytics.

eCommerce, in the form of business-to-consumer or business-to-business commerce, now makes up the majority of commerce in the U.S. Technologies and business practices have evolved rapidly in eCommerce, and there is a high demand for employees with expertise in these systems. The purpose of this minor is to both familiarize technically-oriented students with the business processes and strategic issues underlying Ecommerce systems, as well as develop a mastery of the design, development, and implementation of Ecommerce software systems.

Program Requirements

To earn an ECommerce Engineering Minor, a student must complete 18 credit hours of course work with a grade “C” or better in each of the minor courses:

  • An introductory object-oriented programming course (IE2060 or CSC1253 or CSC1350 or ISDS3107)
  • An introductory database/SQL course (IE4425 or CSC4402 or ISDS3110)
  • A web application and services development course (IE4426 or CSC2610); 
  • IE4427 Ecommerce Engineering I 
  • IE4428 Ecommerce Engineering II
  • One elective course from the approved elective list for the minor.

Many of these courses are either required or elective courses in Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Information Systems and Decision Sciences, and can be counted towards both major and minor requirements. Click here to view the minor flowchart.

Declaring the Minor

Before declaring the minor with the CoE Student Services, interested students must meet with the minor coordinator, Dr. Gerald Knapp (, 578-5374, 2523-A PFT Hall), to discuss a study plan. This is necessary because different majors have different paths for completing the minor.