LSU Student Government is composed of three branches, each of which functions to represent the Student Body and improve the student experience at LSU. 



Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is led by the Student Body President, Vice President and an appointed executive staff. It is responsible for initiatives and programs, as well as executing any acts of the Legislative or Judicial Branch. The Executive Branch also contains the Freshman Leadership Council and Student Government Student Entertainment (SGSE). The 2016 - 2017 SG President is Zack Faircloth, and Vice President is Lindsey Landry.


Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch acts as the ultimate mediator for disputes arising from Student Government activities, statutes and elections. It is led by a Chief Justice, a Deputy Chief Justice and seven associate justices.


Legislative Branch

The Student Senate is comprised of senators that proportionally represent each of the University's 12 senior colleges, the Graduate School, the Law Center, and the School of Veterinary Medicine. Senators are elected by students from their respective senior colleges during Fall and Spring semesters to serve both one and two-semester terms. The Legislative Branch is led by Speaker James Mickler and Speaker pro tempore David Hunt.