Lan Zhe

Senior Instructor of Chinese 

M.A., Translation Studies, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, 2010
Phone: 225-578-7066
Office: 351 Hodges Hall

Area of Interest

Translation and interpreting, intercultural communication.

Recent Teaching

CHIN 1101/1102 Beginner Chinese  
CHIN 2001/2002 Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 3101/3102 Advanced Chinese
CHIN 2070 Chinese Cinema

Awards & Honors

Attained the Chinese Language Teacher Certificate with distinction, International Profession Certification Association, December 2011.

Won the “Excellent Teaching Prize” First Prize award three times and Second Prize award once, and won the “Excellent Teacher Prize” First Prize award twice and Second Prize award twice during employment as a faculty member at the College of Continuing Education at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies from 2009 to 2013.

Became the first Registered Interpreter of Mandarin Chinese on the Louisiana Supreme Court registry of court interpreters by passing comprehensive written exams, May 2014.

Became the first and only Certified Court Interpreter of Mandarin Chinese in the state of Louisiana by passing simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting and sight translation on the Court Interpreter Oral Examination developed by the National Center for State Courts (this is the highest attainable status for a court interpreter of Mandarin Chinese in the U.S.); sworn in as a Certified Court Interpreter and awarded a Court Interpreter Certificate at the Louisiana Supreme Court, October 2016.

Attained an accuracy rate of 92% on the National Certification Written Exam for Medical Interpreters, National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters, April 2018.

Became the only Certified Medical Interpreter of Mandarin Chinese in the state of Louisiana as awarded by the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters by passing the National Certification Oral Exam for Medical Interpreters, which included consecutive interpreting and sight translation, with a score of 83%, National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters, October 2018.

Promoted to Senior Instructor in the Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures at LSU in recognition of her commitment to excellence in undergraduate instruction, the support of departmental colleagues and valuable contributions to the College of Humanities & Social Sciences at LSU, June 2019. 

Notable Activities

Helped to found “Chinese Corner at LSU” student organization in September 2013, and has served as its Faculty Advisor since that time.

Has served as a court interpreter in federal and state courts, and for law firms and government entities on an as-needed basis since December 2014.

Has provided volunteer translation and/or interpreting services to the LSU Police Department (December 2015), an LSU alumnus (September 2017), and Experience LSU (June 2018).

Selected Publications

“Empirical Research of Transnational Distance Teaching as a Supplementary Channel for Conventional Interpreting Training”. The Science Education Article Collects; Publishing House of Science Education Article Collects, China, 2012.

“Translating from ‘Long’ (‘Dragon’) to ‘Tiger’ or from ‘Tiger’ to ‘Long’ – Interpreting Culture’s Influence on Translation Studies from the Assumption of the Translation ‘Long’ to ‘Tiger’”. Wen Jiao Zi Liao, Publishing House of Nanjing Normal University, China, 2012. 

“The Analysis of the Potential Problems in Intercultural Communications from the Perspective of Pragmatics”. China Education Innovation Herald, Scientific and Technical Documents Publishing House, China, 2010.