Archives 2014-2015

FALL 2014


The Graduate Student Showcase

Friday 9/5 @ 7:30 PM

We open our season with a showcase of our stellar graduate students’



Guest Artist Nico Wood in Sideshow

Thursday 9/18 @ 7:30 PM

See the illustrious feats of performance artist Nico Wood as she spins the

stories of her family and its history with the performing arts. Using burlesque,

hula-hooping, magic tricks, and good old-fashioned storytelling, Nico weaves a

world of passion and mystery.


A Pigment of Your Imagination

Adapted & directed by Emily Mistrzak

Adapted from The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt

Thursday 10/9 through Saturday 10/11 @ 7:30 PM

Misfit crayons struggle to find their way through a whole new spectrum,

encountering a variety of characters who aren’t the brightest in the box while

seeking to understand what hue has to do with it.


Uncanny Valley

Compiled, devised, & directed by Stephanie Heath

Wednesday 10/29 through Saturday 11/1 @ 7:30 PM

Sunday 11/2 @ 2:30 PM

Part installation art and part retail experience, Uncanny Valley explores the

multitude of body forms that become stand-ins for human commoditization.

With the help of mannequins, performers navigate the ambiguity and artifice

underlying issues of beauty and perfection.


The Fall Undergraduate Showcase

Tuesday 12/2 @ 7:30 PM

Each semester, we proudly showcase performances and videos created by our

students in Performance Studies classes.


On a Snowy Evening

Compiled, devised, & directed by John LeBret

Wednesday 12/3 through Saturday 12/6 @ 7:30 PM

Sunday 12/7 @ 2:30 PM

Tuesday 12/16 through Saturday 12/20 @ 7:30 PM

Winter is a time of contrasts, when frosty chills are met with warm wishes and

ten thousand tiny lights adorn the darkness of the longest night. On a Snowy

Evening celebrates some of the season’s most enduring stories, sights, and

sounds with a cornucopia of music, puppetry, and performance that promises

something for everyone.




Devised & performed by Savannah Ganster & Ashley Beard

Thursday 3/5 through Saturday 3/7 @ 7:30 PM

Lullaby, a live performance featuring shadow play, video, music, and movement,

explores the creativity, imagination, and invention that exist for insomniacs when

they find themselves awake in the middle of the night. Join us as we push the

boundaries of sleep and wakefulness, of exhaustion and inspiration.


Tracking Shots

Devised & directed by Patricia A. Suchy

Wednesday 3/25 through Saturday 3/28 @ 7:30 PM

Sunday 3/29 @ 2:30 PM

All aboard! The invention of cinema arrived in 1895 on a train. From the

earliest “phantom rides” to The Darjeeling Limited, Tracking Shots takes its

audience on a journey through film history’s love affair with trains in this

ensemble multi-media performance.



Written & directed by Bonny McDonald

Wednesday 4/22 through Saturday 4/25 @ 7:30 PM

Sunday 4/26 @ 2:30 PM

A show in black and white, Racy uses dance, poetry, and true stories from the

Deep South to take a hard look at contemporary conversations on race and

racism. From racial microaggressions to white privilege to what it means to

unlearn racism, this edgy show will push your boundaries and speak to your



The Spring Undergraduate Showcase

Wednesday 4/29 @ 7:30 PM

The season finale: a celebration of the short performances and videos created

by our students.