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CMST graduates


Leslie BrinerLeslie Briner
Associate District Manager, ADP
B.S. Marketing , Minor CMST, 2013

The communication studies courses I took while at LSU have provided me with invaluable information that I use daily in my career. The ability to put together a training program, speak in public with confidence, and have awareness of my non-verbal communication have helped me excel in Sales. These learned skills allow me to provide my clients with great customer service and express new products they should purchase with ease. I am very thankful for the opportunities I have received due to my CMST background and I highly recommend the department if you are looking for a career in corporate America.  


Picture not availableConnor Tarter
Marketing and Communications Specialist, Swagelok | Capital Valve & Fitting Co.
B.A., Communication Studies, 2014

The opportunities I have been afforded as a direct result of my involvement in the Communication Studies department at LSU are without a doubt the most relevant element of my formal education in regards to the professional path I have been set on. I am told by my superiors on a regular basis that had I not interned for the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans, they likely would not have considered me for the position I currently hold. The only reason I even knew about that internship was because Samantha McLain, a former student of Dr. Bodie’s, had done the internship the year before, and he recommended I apply. (She was actually my advisor during the internship). From there, I was able to get a second internship at Lamar Advertising, in their marketing department. The two internships together allowed me the unique opportunity to get experience in two very high-profile industries, which has allowed me to excel in my first months at my current place of employment. I use the skills I learned in CMST every single day at my job, and have even called on my knowledge of certain communication theories to influence my superiors and propel my ideas forward. I am grateful for my education, but in a larger way, I am grateful for the people I have met and the connections I have made as a result of my education at LSU.


Mary KiggansMary Margaret Kiggans
Recruiter, Insight Global Incorporated 
B. A., Communication Studies, 2014 

 Although I did not start my time at LSU with a major in Communication Studies, I decided shortly through my freshman year that it was exactly what I was looking for in a major. The classes were smaller, meaning I got to have close relationships with my classmates and professors (some of whom I knew all four years). The study of communication is not limited to one area, so I was able to take a wide variety of classes all with different foci. I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone in classes such as performance studies and public speaking. I was challenged intellectually in classes such as persuasion and intrapersonal communication. I learned how to apply practical theories that explain how relationships and other forms of interpersonal communication work. CMST is such a wonderful major, and I can say wholeheartedly that I am grateful to have spent my 4 years at LSU studying communication.  


Picture not availableKade Steib
Coordinator, Office of the University Registrar, LSU
B.A., Communication Studies, 2015 

Majoring in Communication Studies while in college was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Communication sounds very basic, but requires experience and understanding. From the introduction class to my final class as a senior, I learned a different aspect of communication every day. The pathways of the program also allow each student to be well rounded in each category. Without a doubt, I would not be where I am today without CMST. 


Logan SaccoLogan Sacco
Event Specialist, Event Rental
B. A., Communication Studies, 2011

I have been with my company for over three years, and can attribute my success in the industry to my communication skills. I work for the largest event production company on the Gulf Coast, and my day consists of speaking with a variety of clients including excited brides planning their wedding to political officials planning an event for their campaign. I am able to employ the theories have learned in my CMST classes to help me effectively communicate with a different variety of personalities, and end up with a wonderful event. I frequently am asked by coworkers to assist in tasks related to communication, such as drafting an email to a difficult client, or conveying their design plan to a client across the country. The wonderful professors of the CMST department will teach a set of invaluable skills that will benefit your future no matter what career path you choose. 


Devany PresslyDevany Pressly
Event Coordinator, Gulf of Mexico Alliance
B.A., Communication Studies, 2013 


I can proudly say that I graduated from LSU with the best degree it has to offer. Communication Studies prepared me for the real world more than I could possibly put into words. Learning how to communicate effectively with others, and proper communication in certain scenarios all helped me build my career as an Event Coordinator. Hands on classes not only helped make college fun, but also prepared me for real, work place scenarios. Anyone looking to succeed in after graduation should choose CMST as a major or minor.


 Daniel MunnDaniel Munn 
Marketing Specialist, Ashley Furniture
B.A., Communication Studies, 2011


My Communication Studies degree has helped me immensely in my career as a Marketing Specialist with Ashley Furniture. I didn’t realize how vital it was or how useful it would be until I began working in the field. My job is mostly about building relationships with clients. It requires excellent customer service, speaking in front of people,  and holding sales meetings. CMST allowed me to reach my full potential in my chosen career. I am more than pleased with the tools this degree afforded me. It has definitely allowed me to excel as a Marketing Specialist. I believe that this degree helped me to stand out from the crowd and gave me the competitive advantage required to obtain my dream job.


Elizabeth MonkElizabeth Monk
Account Executive, FSC Interactive
B. A., Communication Studies, 2010


My Communication Studies degree gave me a deep appreciation for the challenges involved in developing individual, as well as team, communication and leadership skills. While most undergraduate programs lay out a specific course list for students to follow, CMST allowed me the freedom to choose my classes and concentrate my energy and attention on my area of interest, my pathway to success. Because of that, I learned how to be a consumer of media for entertainment and research purposes, which played a huge part in launching my career. The coursework also forced me to know and analyze my audience for both my spoken and written word— skills that are crucial to my position. I also credit the CMST program for providing me with a solid foundation that allowed me to pursue a Master’s degree from a prestigious university with an outstanding academic reputation. Without the initial training and personal attention from my professors within this program, I certainly would not have gained the opportunities I have been awarded professionally and academically.


Samantha McLainSamantha McLain
Communications Coordinator, New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Pelicans
B. A., Communication Studies, 2013 

The courses I took while obtaining my Communication Studies degree coupled with the encouragement from my advisors to pursue a career in sports was instrumental as I have begun my career. The concepts and strategies taught in courses including Organizational Communication and Public Speaking are reflected in my work on a daily basis. Upon graduation I felt that my degree did not limit me while choosing my career, but gave me the opportunity to consider several different paths. 


David MarchmanDavid Lee Marchman
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, US Pharmaceutical Corporation
B. A., Communication Studies, 2013 

I can say with complete confidence that graduating with a degree in Communication Studies has helped me tremendously in my personal and professional life. I stood out from job applicants with other degrees because it gave me the tools and resources I needed to be successful in landing a job with a great company. As a pharmaceutical sales representative, I use the skills learned from my Communications Studies degree in every facet of my life, especially my job. Whether it is explaining a product to a doctor or in my personal life with friends and family, when I graduated from LSU with a Communication Degree I was fully equipped with applied skills to be successful. A Communication Studies degree will not just be studying from a book and taking tests, but hands on learning experience for real world application. A Communication Studies degree will help you stand out from others and put you in the best position to succeed after graduating from LSU. 


Taylor LeverettTaylor Leverett
Sales Representative, Ammon Staffing
B. A., Communication Studies, 2014

Graduating from LSU with a degree in Communication Studies has opened many doors for me and has given me endless opportunities. Most businesses rank communication as one of the top three skills they want their employees to possess. Communication is the key to building strong relationships which is vital when it comes to being a sales representative. If you want a major that will prepare you for the real world, this is it!  


Whitney RyanWhitney Ryan
B.A. Communication Studies, 2013

A degree in Communication Studies taught me the skills that aided in my adaptation to the many communication difficulties that coexist within the company environment. For example, it helped me understand and adjust to miscommunications and understandings that can occur between coworkers. CMST allowed me to gain insight into many areas within communication, but also allowed me to take classes that were more tailored to my area of interest. I appreciate that I was able to take classes in relation to health, entertainment, and consulting, all of which are various facets of communication, rather than having to choose only one as my focus. In addition, my CMST classes created a solid foundation that enabled me to continue my education and receive my master’s degree from Auburn University. My degree in Communication Studies has opened many doors for me that will be beneficial for my future. 


Summer FrancoisSummer Francois
BA, Communication Studies, 2013


Obtaining my CMST degree was a great experience for me. I was learning about valuable tools to use in the “real world” and that interested me. Being thrown off the deep-end into professionalism and adulthood, I do not think I would have survived without knowing the things I did from Organizational Communication, Relationship Communication, Persuasive Communication and research involvement. I meet at least 20 new individuals a week in a corporate/business setting as a part of my career. I rely heavily on my public speaking knowledge/ques to communicate effectively in order to establish credibility for myself. CMST is a great degree to give you confidence and in any situation from introductions to interviews to working with your new team for your first job.  


Matthew GuidryMatthew Guidry
Insulin Pump Representative, Diabetes Management & Supplies
B.A., Communication Studies, 2015 

As an undergraduate, I assumed that my Communications Studies degree would adequately prepare me for a career in sales. Not only did the concepts I learned as an undergraduate prove to be extremely valuable towards my career, but the mentorship demonstrated by the professors also helped me excel academically during my undergraduate years. Lastly, the adaptability that a Communications Studies degree offers makes any undergraduate a viable candidate for numerous career options. 


Annie ThomasAnnie Thomas
Assistant Front Office Manager, Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek Hotel, Dallas, TX
B. A., Communication Studies, 2011 

Classes that I was able to take during my time at LSU within the Communication Studies program have been instrumental in my career path thus far. I believe that these courses molded my thought processes and personality for a career that is people based in every interaction. My degree of Communication Studies, paired with a minor in Business Administration, allowed me to have no bounds when I graduated.  It was the perfect decision for education for a career with Hospitality Management.


Caitlyn BushCaitlyn Bush
Communications Coordinator for Attorney General Buddy Caldwell and the Department of Justice
B.A., Communication Studies, 2015

The knowledge and experienced I gained from obtaining my CMST degree from LSU prepared me well for the post graduation world.   The Communications Studies Department offered a wide variety of courses which I feel let me explore many different careers following graduation.  I applied to jobs of all shapes and sizes, and was pleasantly surprised at the responses I received.  The diversity in the opportunities that this degree afforded me made finding a job that I enjoy much easier to obtain than I could have imagined.  Because of the importance of communication in such a wide array of careers, I would definitely recommend Communication Studies to someone looking for a useful career path. 


Caroline JasperCaroline Jasper
Support Specialist for MEMPHIS Plan, The Church Health Center 
B.A., Communication Studies, 2015

My degree in Communication Studies has enabled me to be very successful in my career. I am now a Support Specialist for MEMPHIS Plan at The Church Health Center in Memphis, Tennessee. MEMPHIS Plan is an affordable healthcare plan provided by the Church Health Center, targeted for small businesses and the self-employed. As a Support Specialist, I am the first line of communication for customer service and support on all incoming calls from employers, participants and providers. I am responsible for receiving all cash receipts, for providing administrative support to the Sales and Marketing staff, and for providing on-going support to the Database & Billing Coordinator for certain monthly functions related to enrollment processing. Many of the communication tactics I use, I learned in CMST courses with Dr. Honeycutt. Also, I learned about how to manage conflict with clients due to taking courses in communication and independent studies under Dr. Honeycutt. As a Support Specialist, my responsibilities entail communicating with employers, participants, and providers all throughout the city of Memphis. 


Ellen TaylorEllen Taylor
Insurance Specialist, State Farm
B. A., Communication Studies, 2014

By earning my degree in Communication Studies I was able to land a great job before I even graduated college in a very lucrative and exciting field. Every employer I interviewed with, prior to accepting the job with State Farm, commented on how great it was that I had such an extensive background in communication. I can, without a doubt, say that I would be nowhere near as successful and happy in my career had I chosen a different major.  


Emily AveryEmily Avery
9th grade English and Speech Teacher, Plaquemine High School, Iberville Parish School System
B.A. English, Secondary Education, 2014
Minor in Communication Studies  

My decision to complete a minor in Communication Studies was what ultimately carried me through my degree in English, and into my career as an educator. Professors and instructors throughout the department constantly work to create an interpersonal community that both motivated and inspired me to become a better communicator. My CMST courses taught me an invaluable skill set that will stay with me through the rest of my life, both personal and professional.   


Gretchen KlobucarGretchen Fox Klobucar
Assistant Director
Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts Foundation
B.A., Communication Studies, 2009 (LSU)
M.A., Communication Studies, 2011 (UNC Chapel Hill) 

Communication Studies gives you a critical edge as a student entering the “real world”—and as a CMST student, you know precisely the social construction I’m referencing. This is because Communication Studies offers two essential skills: a way of critically understanding the world and a way of effectively communicating in it.

As an LSU CMST student, I focused on Performance Studies and Rhetoric. I served as the Undergraduate Representative for the BlackBox Theatre. My friend Ashley Bryant and I started the Organization for Communication Students our junior year, recognizing the value of networking with our fellow classmates and proving that there are career choices in CMST. My coursework at LSU prepared me for the rigors of the UNC Chapel Hill master’s degree program, and they recognized the high caliber of what LSU’s Department of Communication Studies offers. I even developed my thesis on the Uncle Jack statue at the LSU Rural Life Museum from a project assigned in Dr. Hall’s “Performance in Everyday Life” class.

In my current position as Assistant Director for the LSMSA Foundation, a nonprofit that exists solely to support one of the top high schools in Louisiana, I use the communication strategies I’ve learned every day. Put simply, this manifests as an ability to understand my audience (to whom am I making fundraising appeals), craft messages with appropriate use of persuasion and emotion, and to understand the value of interpersonal relationships both within my office and with constituents. Perhaps most importantly, I present all of this with conviction in writing as well as in speech to coworkers, grant agencies, and current and future donors.

I firmly believe I could not do my job without my Communication Studies experiences. 


Kristyn KnowlesKristyn Knowles
B. A., Communication Studies, 2011 

 I can say with conviction that it was my Communication Studies degree that prepared me most for life after LSU. Each CMST class gave me a true hands on experience that was not afforded to me with the other classes that I took during my collegiate years. The education I gained around “soft skill” development was beneficial both personally and professionally. The CMST coursework gave me the competencies that organizations look for their leaders.  No matter what industry you want to go into, CMST will provide you with the skill set that you need to stand out and will set you up for a successful future.  


Katie HolcombKatie Holcomb
Legal Assistant, Sanford Law Firm, PLLC
B.A., Communication Studies, May 2014 

After choosing to switch from Mass Communications to Communication Studies, I was presented with many challenging but exciting and irreplaceable opportunities. I do not think I would have had these same opportunities had I not switched my major. Whether you are enrolled in a course in, public speaking, communication and gender, or persuasive communication, there are countless opportunities and courses. The best advice I have to give is to try a course in each niche of communications, because it is such a broad major, you can do anything from production and editing to public speaking to interpersonal communications, so trying different courses is really the only way you will discover which passion drives you. I never realized how lucky I was to have chosen a major that taught me I could be who I wanted to be, and was surrounded by people who accepted me for who I was. My favorite part about the Communication Studies department, would have to be the professors and how helpful and readily available they are to help you learn and grow. The most beneficial thing about majoring in Communication Studies, is that no matter what you learn or what course you take, you will become a better communicator, and you will be able to use those techniques in whatever you choose to do. 


Kellie BlakeKellie Blake
Public Relations/Marketing, Susan G. Komen (Baton Rouge)
B. A., Communication Studies, 2014 

A Communication Studies degree at LSU is the most transferrable and applicable educations a student can receive. As a CMST major or minor, you learn how to build and maintain relationships, people skills and excellent verbal and nonverbal communication skills that will aid you in your future career for life. The professors in this Department actually care about you as an individual and will go out of their way to push you to your fullest potential and guarantee your success as a student and a professional. A key ingredient to any employment opportunity is excellent communication skills, which is exactly what is taught to CMST students. 


Kelly HackenbrachtKelly Hackenbracht
Account Manager for MEGA Group USA
B. A., Communication Studies, 2015 

My degree in Communication Studies has made me be very successful in the “real world.” I am now an Account Manager for MEGA Group USA in Germantown, Tennessee. MEGA Group is a national home furnishings buying organization with retail members in the furniture, electronic, appliance and mattress industries. As an Account Manager, I call anywhere from 20-30 out of the 1,700 members to check in with them and make sure their business is running smoothly. I follow up through e-mail, as well. Many of the communication tactics I use while on the phone and computer, I learned in CMST courses with Dr. Honeycutt. Also, I learned about how to manage conflict with clients due to taking courses in communication and independent studies under Dr. Honeycutt.  As an Account Manager, my responsibilities entail communicating with representatives, clients, and customers in 3,000 store fronts throughout the United States.