Archives 2012-2013

20th Anniversary Celebration Showcase

7:30 PM Friday 8/31

We’ve produced 20 years of performances in the HBB! To mark this
occasion, alums and current students join together to look both back
and forward as we celebrate the HBB and Performance Studies at LSU.


The Adventures of Young Satan

Directed by Savannah Ganster
7:30 PM Wednesday 9/19 through Saturday 9/22
2:30 PM Sunday 9/23

Young Satan, a morally ambiguous angel from Mark Twain's The
Mysterious Stranger Manuscripts, requires a playwright to conceive
endings for several scenarios. Together they enlist the help of the
audience in devising endings with the goal of understanding class
politics in the USA.

Pepper’s Ghost

Directed by Patricia A. Suchy & John LeBret
7:30 PM Wednesday 10/24 through Saturday 10/27
2:30 PM Sunday 10/28

Inspired by 18th- 19th century spectacles that thrilled and frightened
London and Parisian audiences, Pepper’s Ghost transforms the HBB into
a phantasmagoria as we entangle ourselves—and our audiences—in
both old and new technologies.

Guest Artist Lenelle Moïse in Ache What Make
7:30 PM Friday 11/9
Whether she's talking about post-earthquake Haiti, conjuring Jean- Michel
Basquiat, or recounting her run-in with a skinhead on a crowded city train,
Moïse testifies to stubborn compassion. Ache What Make invokes brilliant
ancestors, current luminaries, and fleeting foes to celebrate a receptive
heart in all its chipped or chipper wakefulness.

The Mixon Lyceum Forensics Showcase
7:30 PM Monday 11/12
See some of the best public speaking and oral interpretation at LSU as
our Speech and Debate Team showcases its top competitors.


Fall Showcase

7:30 PM Wednesday 11/28

The HBB proudly showcases a variety of short performances and videos
developed in courses by our creative students.


Sacred Waste

Directed by Bonny McDonald
7:30 PM Wednesday 2/20 through Saturday 2/
2:30 PM Sunday 2/24

An interactive eco-performance featuring live music, song-and-dance,
and a fully up-cycled set, Sacred Waste is a seriously ridiculous ceremony
consecrating the detritus of consumer culture.

Guest Artist Mary Armentrout in Reveries and Elegies

7:30 PM Friday March 1

Reveries and Elegies is a site-specific performance installation exploring
dislocation, flux, and change through live performance/dance, video
and sensor technology. Armentrout turns her philosophical eye to the
puzzles of presence and absence in this solo performance.

Green Eggs and Noise

Directed by Raquel Polanco
7:30 PM Wednesday 3/20 through Saturday 3/23
2:30 PM Sunday 3/24

It’s a show about noise. It’s a show about toys. You can hear it on the
page. You can hear it on the stage. Inspired by Dr. Seuss’s iconic
imagery and innovative language play, Green Eggs and Noise is a staged
exploration of the relationships between our bodies and technologies of

Scotch & Soda

Directed by John LeBret
7:30 PM Wednesday 4/24 through Saturday 4/27
2:30 PM Sunday 4/28

Always Fizzy, Never Flat! From Mentos and Diet Coke fountains to
PopRocks and cheap beer, you never know what might bubble up. Join
this sparkling ensemble as they pop the top off our carbonated world in
a refreshing collaborative performance.

Spring Showcase

7:30 PM Wednesday 5/1

The season concludes with a celebration of the imaginative
performances and videos made by students in our courses.