Archives 2010-2011

Graduate Performance Showcase

7:30 PM Thursday 9/2

The season begins with a night of colorful performances from our versatile graduate students as they showcase their creative work.

Copious Notes: A Nostalgia Tale

Written and directed by Jade C. Huell
7:30 PM Wednesday 9/15 through Friday 9/17

This staged reading dramatizes the relations between performance, nostalgia, time, and space. The story follows Ambi, an ambidextrous graduate student confronted with the conflicts of her ambiguous status as tourist/pilgrim, African/American, and ethnographer/nostalgic.

Beyond the Utmost Bound

Adapted and directed by Patricia A. Suchy
7:30 PM Wednesday 10/27 through Saturday 10/30
2:30 PM Sunday 10/31

100 years ago, Robert Falcon Scott embarked on his Terra Nova expedition to the South Pole. Beyond the Utmost Bound weaves together tales of Antarctic exploration, reaching back before Scott into a time when oil of a different sort fueled our economy and forward to contemporary reflections on the coldest and remotest place on earth.

Fall Showcase

7:30 PM Tuesday and Wednesday, 11/30 & 12/1

The HopKins Black Box proudly showcases a variety of short performances and videos developed in courses by our creative students.

Patti Pace Performance Festival with Guest Artist Daniel Heaton

Produced by Melanie Kitchens and Lisa Flanagan
Friday & Saturday 2/11 & 2/12
Full Festival schedule TBA

The HBB hosts the festival for the second time as students and scholars from across the country participate in workshops and share original performance projects. Alum and artist-in-residence Dr. Daniel Heaton offers workshops on "alter-personae" culminating in a performance of Cirque du So What during the Festival.

Guest Artist Tim Miller in Lay of the Land

7:30 PM Thursday 2/24

Tim Miller's saucy, sharp-knifed look at the State of the Queer Union during a time of trial. Careening from his sexy misadventures performing in 45 States, to Marriage Equality street protests, to the electoral assaults on gay folks all over the country, to his life as a grade-school flag monitor, to choking on cheap meat caught in his 10 year old gay boy's throat, Lay of the Land friskily gets at that feeling of gay folks being perpetually on trial, on the ballot, and on the menu.

Civil Hands

7:30 PM Saturday 2/26

A new performance featuring LSU students, developed in workshops directed by Tim Miller.

metaphysique d’ephemera

Conceived & directed by Sarah K. Jackson
7:30 PM Tuesday 4/26 through Saturday 4/30

Inspired by the collages and memory boxes of Joseph Cornell, metaphysique d’ephemera unfolds inside the decaying memory of a voyager prince, where there is no distinction between past and present, where stars hold secrets of the universe, where animals can speak, and where people and objects transcend time and space.

Spring Showcase

7:30 PM Tuesday and Wednesday, 5/3 & 5/4

The season concludes with a celebration of the imaginative performances and videos made by students in our courses.

Admission to events in the HopKins Black Box is by a suggested donation at the door.

The HBB gratefully accepts donations at the door for all performances.

Admission to events in the HopKins Black Box is by a suggested donation at the door.