Archives 2009-2010

Cutting Across the Map

Conceived and performed
by Ariel Gratch
directed by Lisa Flanagan
7:30 PM Wednesday 9/23 through Saturday 9/26

An interactive, multi-media storytelling event that invites the audience to assist (or not) in creating the performance, with variations based on how the performer feels, audience responses, current events, and social and physical constraints.

Nonfiction Zombie

Directed by Tracy Stephenson Shaffer
7:30 PM Wednesday 10/14 through Saturday 10/17
2:30 PM Sunday 10/18

You can run, but you can't hide!  The zombie invasion is now!  Join us in the HopKins Black Box as we unearth the phenomenon of the living dead and ask why they have risen in popularity in the new millennium.

Voodoo Queen

Adapted and directed by Brandon Nicholas
7:30 PM Wednesday 11/18 through Saturday 11/21
2:30 PM Sunday 11/22

This performance examines the life of the mysterious Marie Laveau, Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, and the impact she continues to leave on the city she called home.

Fall Showcase

7:30 PM Tuesday and Wednesday, 12/1 & 12/2

The HopKins Black Box proudly showcases a variety of short performances and videos developed in courses by our creative students.

Pouring Tea: Black Gay Men of the South Tell Their Tales

Written and performed by guest artist E. Patrick Johnson
7:30 PM Saturday 1/23

This one-man show is based on the oral histories of black gay men between the ages of 19 and 93 who were born, raised, and continue to live in the South.  Topics include coming of age, religion, sex, transgenderism, and coming out.

Black Body Business

Conceived and directed by Jade Huell
7:30 PM Wednesday 2/3 through Saturday 2/6
2:30 PM Sunday 2/7

The USA has been in the business of black bodies for centuries, but there are just some things that are the business of black bodies.  Black Body Business highlights the problems and possibilities, contradictions and creativity, inherent in any examination of the phenomenon called blackness.


Conceived and performed by Derek Mudd/by Brianne Waychoff
7:30 PM Wednesday 3/10 through Saturday 3/13
2:30 PM Sunday 3/14

Two solo performances layered onto one space: in Spreadsheets, meet CopyBoy, a wannabe parapsychologist who conducts bizarre experiments and records his data in mysteriously cryptic spreadsheets that take on a life of their own.  In Leftovers, gleaning serves as both subject and metaphor as it explores leftover fragments; potatoes in a field, a painting, a family memento, a body remembering.

The Double Life of Dr. Dapertutto

Adapted and directed by Ruth Laurion Bowman
7:30 PM Wednesday 4/21 through Saturday 4/24 (parking on Friday)
2:30 PM Sunday 4/25

The duality of everyday life and performance explode on the stage in
"The Double Life of Dr Dapertutto." Wedding fantasy and reality, the
play features the shenanigans of the noted doctor who creates his own
play within the play based on the fairytale, "The Love for Three
Oranges." As the two tales entwine, the theatricality of life surges
to the fore in diverse guises. A carnival trickster, a double-bodied
monster, a Queen of Smiles and a Prince of Frowns, highbrow court
entertainments and lowbrow grotesqueries, the daydream and nightmare
of falling in love with three oranges, and the wonder of their
appearance in human form collide to cast Dr Dapertutto and his
audience into a strange enchanting reality.

Spring Showcase

7:30 PM Tuesday and Wednesday, 5/4 & 5/5

The season concludes with a celebration of the imaginative performances and videos made by students in our courses.

Admission to events in the HopKins Black Box is by a suggested donation at the door.