Archives 2006-2007

Catching Him in Pieces

Written and performed by Mondo Bizarro
Tuesday September 12

Mondo Bizarro, an arts production company based in New Orleans, created original, multi-disciplinary work that was strikingly physical and rooted in a deep sense of place. In their first appearance at LSU, Mondo Bizarro performed their latest feature length work, which chronicled the life and times of the quixotic southern poet, Everette Maddox.

Story Power: The Pitch of Post-Katrina Narratives

Saturday September 16

Mondo Bizarro conducted workshops with students in which they investigated questions of authority, personal and collective identity, and artistic license in the myriad stories told in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. The group shared their discoveries with the audience in a public performance with open discussion.


Written and produced by John LeBret
Directed by Ben Powell and Holley Vaughn
Wednesday October 25 through Saturday October 28
Sunday October 29

A play on fantasy and voyeurism inspired by a sex advice column, Watch invited and directed, seduced and dared the audience . . . to watch . . . two couples watch . . . each other engage the same fantasy. The singular fantasy turns plural however as it collides with individual experience, a collision that prompts the audience to investigate their own production of fantasy . . . as they watch.

Revisiting Flahertys Louisiana/Story

Co-produced and directed by Rob Rombout, Patricia Suchy, Adelaide Russo, and Jim Catano
Thursday November 9 and Friday November 10

Led by guest artist Rob Rombout, a student film crew returned to the scene of Robert Flahertys 1949 landmark film, Louisiana Story, shot in the Atchafalaya Basin, to witness its changed and changing landscape and culture. Rombout, an acclaimed Brussels-based documentary filmmaker, also guided the students through the pre- and post-production phases of the project, culminating in a public screening with discussion.

Hang It Out To Dry

Compiled and performed by Danielle Vignes
Wednesday November 29
through Saturday December 2
Sunday December 3

Hang It Out To Dry was the finale to a three-part cycle of performed narratives collected from residents of Saint Bernard Parish, Louisiana. Danielle Vignes, a native of Chalmette, explored common themes and sentiments of a washed away community, soaked land and spun tales of Da Parish in the wake of hurricane Katrina.

The Undergraduate Student Showcase

Produced by Linda Shkreli
Tuesday and Wednesday December 5 and 6

This end-of-the-semester showcase was sure to please as it highlighted the performances and short films of some of our most talented undergraduates.

Exploring Feminisms: the Fragmented Identities of Madwomen

Conceived and directed by Annamaria Ruffino
Wednesday January 31 through Saturday February 3
Sunday February 4

What does feminism mean today? Its a loaded word that elicits passionate debates indicative of multiple perspectives. This performance explored a fragmented or mad concept of feminism that allowed for and celebrated a diverse and shifting range of feminist theories and practices.

If Our Desks Could Talk

Conceived and directed by Cora E. Leighton
Wednesday February 28 through Saturday March 3
Sunday March 4

What would your desk say if it could talk? Drawing on found texts and conversations such as meeting minutes lodged in a drawer, notes scribbled in a textbook, memories recalled in speech a cast of bricoleurs (the tinkers of time) cobbled together a compelling history of our department from the odds-and-ends of daily life.

Across Disciplines: Performance Research & Response
Artful Journeys

Produced by Rebecca Walker
Wednesday and Thursday March 14 and 15

Our seventh annual Across Disciplines featured graduate student research on performance and tourism, the worlds fastest growing industry. Using performance as a (re)mapping, Artful Journeys explored key issues in tourism, such as space, consumption, post-colonialism, cultural exchange, and globalization. Each night scholars from diverse disciplines responded to the research.

wind and weather permitting

Conceived and directed by Ruth Laurion Bowman
Wednesday April 25 through Saturday April 28
Sunday April 29

What slickery subject do the wetlands and Brylcreem, lounge lizards and olives share? Drawing on chance processes, an ensemble investigated the answer and its precarious control of our nature/s.

The Undergraduate Showcase

Produced by David Pye
Tuesday & Wednesday May 1 & 2

Who knows what might have happened as we celebrated the end of an incredible season with diverse performances from our introductory and advanced classes.