Honors College Regalia

Ogden Honors College
May 2024 Graduation Program

May 16, 2024
7:00 p.m.
LSU Union Theater

Welcome & Remarks

Roger Hadfield Ogden Dean Jonathan Earle

Recognition of Honors College Graduating Seniors

honors college recognitions and requirements

Ethan Clay Acosta 
B.A.M.C. Mass Communication  
Robert Martin Alleva 
B.A. Political Science 
Nadia Epps Alzoqari 
B.A. Geography 
Lane Samuel Amedio 
B.S. Microbiology 
Kaitlyn Alyse Andre 
B.S. Biological Sciences 
Kacy Erin Askew 
B.A.M.C. Mass Communication  
Lily Beasley 
B.A. English  
Samantha Bell 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
Piper Grace Bellcase 
B.S. Entrepreneurship 
Lauren Emily Bergeron 
B.S. Information Systems and Decision Sciences  
Brenna Marie Biernacki 
B.S. Animal Sciences  
Sophia Catherine Boudreaux 
B.S. Kinesiology  
Margaret Annie Bruchhaus 
B.S. Biochemistry  
Jacob Nicholas Buckley 
B.A. History; B.A. Political Science 
Marandy E Burrow 
B.S. International Trade and Finance; B.I.S. Interdisciplinary Studies 
Darby Campbell 
B.S. Leadership & Human Resource Development  
Reece Davidson Carpenter 
B.A. Philosophy  
Ryan Christian Castellon 
B.A.M.C. Mass Communication  
Kennedy Jane Cook 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
Camille Burnside Coreil 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
Katherine Ann Crisp 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
Benjamin Davidson 
B.S. Information Systems and Decision Sciences  
Samantha Tyesha Davis 
B.S. Psychology; B.A. Communication Disorders 
Cara Dean 
B.A.M.C. Mass Communication  
Marie-Pascale Delahoussaye 
B.S. Natural Resource Ecology & Management  
Matthew Thomas Delatte 
B.A.M.C. Mass Communication  
Emily Michelle DeMeulenaere 
B.S. Biological Sciences 
Mary Rose Desautels 
B.S. Kinesiology  
Dariah Rose Deskins 
B.S. Kinesiology  
William Alexander Devlin 
B.S. Psychology 
Sydney Lee Dodd 
B.S. Animal Sciences  
Harper Doerr 
B.A. Sociology; B.A. Political Science; B.A. Philosophy  
Amari Dorsey 
B.S. Kinesiology  
Kathryn Grace Draughon 
B.S. Marketing  
Jackson A Dunham 
B.S. Biological Sciences 
Emily Frances Dwyer 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
Sherry Grace Dymond 
B.S. Biological Sciences 
Calvin William Feldt 
B.S. Computer Science  
Ria Ferdaus 
B.S. Psychology; B.S. Biological Sciences 
Elliot David Fontenot 
B.S. Computer Science  
Jackson Bradley Gaspard 
B.S. Economics 
Andrew Isom Gawarecki 
B.A. English  
Morgan Alexandra Groce 
B.S. General Business  
Rachel Marie Guarisco 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
Allison Jane Hamilton 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
Lucy Marie Hansen 
B.A. Political Science 
Charles Douglas Hearne II
B.S. Physics  
Emily May Howard 
B.A. Political Science; B.A. Art 
Madelyn Howell 
B.A.M.C. Mass Communication  
Tucker Elliot Hysom 
B.S. Marketing 
Anna Marie Johnson 
B.S.B.E. Biological Engineering  
Blaze M Jones 
B.S. Biological Sciences 
Zoe Rose Kapsack 
B.A. Political Science 
Jihad Eyad Khaled 
B.S. Biological Sciences 
Nicole Ashley Krueger 
B.S. Kinesiology  
Courtney Alexis Lair 
B.S. Biological Sciences 
Khanh Le 
B.S. Marketing 
Kiah Kelilah Lewis 
B.F.A. Studio Art 
Gavin Louviere 
B.S. Kinesiology  
Jarrod Payton Lowe 
B.S. Finance 
Melanie C Lutfallah 
B.S.I.E. Industrial Engineering 
Valerie Angelina St Julien Macedo 
B.S. Biological Sciences 
Abigail T Machaj 
B.S. Animal Sciences 
Jett Manley 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
Madisyn Paige Gilbert McCarthy 
B.S. Animal Sciences 
Jessica B Michelet 
B.A. Sociology; B.A. English  
Allyson Mohanty-Aldana 
B.S. Biological Sciences 
Lillian Moreau 
B.S. Computer Science  
Yousef Mosleh 
B.S. Biological Sciences 
Linden Munsell 
B.S. Kinesiology 
Hira Muzaffar 
B.S. Biological Sciences 
Elena Nikolaychuk 
B.S.B.E. Biological Engineering 
Amirah Linton Olajuwon 
B.S. Marketing  
Emily Elizabeth OQuin 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
Aliya White Pasquale 
B.S. Marketing 
Abihail Patrick 
B.S. Biological Sciences; B.S. Psychology  
Celeste Aimee Patron 
B.S. Biochemistry 
Dytia Patterson 
B.S. Biological Sciences 
Kennedy Rene' Payne 
B.S. Information Systems and Decision Sciences  
Scarlett Pazzi 
B.S. Marketing  
Emma Peairs 
B.S.C.E.S. Coastal Environmental Science 
Noah Pictor 
B.A. History; B.A. Philosophy  
Grant Michael Ponthie 
B.S. Biological Sciences 
Greyson H Powell 
B.S. Finance 
Colin M Raby 
B.S.M.E. Mechanical Engineering  
Colette Rainey 
B.S. Chemistry 
Adam Joseph Richards 
B.A. English 
Hope Caroline Robinson 
B.A. International Studies 
Tabony Rock 
B.A. International Studies and Political Science  
Alexander Jacob Rodriguez 
B.S. Entrepreneurship 
Jose J Rojas-Iracheta 
B.S. Biochemistry  
Alejandra Soo Sadeghi-Moon 
B.S. Psychology  
Ellen Elizabeth Sedlacek 
B.L.A. Landscape Architecture 
Jaden Nicole Sharp 
B.S.I.E. Industrial Engineering  
Amelia Michelle Skinner 
B.S. Chemistry 
Dejha Smith 
B.A. Philosophy 
Jade Imani Smith 
B.A. Political Science and Sociology 
Elizabeth Mary Steindorf 
B.S. Chemistry  
Claire Judith Sullivan 
B.A.M.C. Mass Communication 
Gianna B Thornhill 
B.A. Spanish 
Kennedy Trahan 
B.S. Biological Sciences 
James Etta Trammell 
B.A.M.C. Mass Communication  
Jack Rayford Urbanek 
B.S. Finance  
Damla Ustunsoz 
B.S. Biological Sciences 
Davis B Wadle 
B.S. Accounting 
Andrew Joseph Walker 
B.A. Political Science; B.A. Philosophy 
Sarah Elizabeth Way 
B.S. Biological Sciences 
Cartie Whitelaw 
B.A. Sociology 
Joseph A Wilder 
B.A. Theatre  

Anabelle Alexis Acosta 
B.S. Biochemistry  
“Regulation of Normal and Aberrant Heterochromatic Gene Silencing in Yeast” 
Professor David Donze 
James Anderson 
B.S.C.E.S. Coastal Environmental Science; LASAL Scholar 
“Hurricanes and Harmful Algal Blooms: Assessing the Legacy P Role in Linking These Events through a Lake Pontchartrain Case Study” 
Professor John R. White  
Amalia F Arriola 
B.A. Anthropology; B.S. Biological Sciences  
“Ethnobotany and Medicinal Plants: The Effects of Gardening on Mental and Physical Health” 
Associate Professor Helen Regis 
Caleb Joseph Bielkiewicz 
B.S.M.E. Mechanical Engineering  
“Rear Sprocket Torque Analysis of 6-Seater Bike for LSVI” 
Instructor Salar Saadatian 
Miles Gryphin Casey-Flores 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
“Identification of Possible Regeneration Enhancer Sequences in Polypterus senegalus by ATAC Sequencing” 
Assistant Professor Igor Schneider 
Amie Aja Cemalovic 
B.A. Sociology and Philosophy; LASAL Scholar 
“Emotions as Effects of Anomie in Baton Rouge's 311 Flooding and Drainage Service Requests” 
Assistant Professor Kevin Smiley 
Sylas L Fontenot 
B.A. International Studies; B.A. Philosophy  
“Translingual Subjectivities: Universalism, Particularism, and Pragmatics” 
Associate Professor Touria Khannous 
Mia Flower Foster 
B.S. Biological Sciences 
“A New Species of Mantophryne (Anura: Microhylidae) from Goodenough Island, Papua New Guinea” 
Professor Christopher Austin 
Xochitl Gonzalez 
B.S. Biochemistry  
“I’m Just a Girl in this Copepod World: Sex-Based Differences in Tigriopus californicus” 
Associate Professor Morgan Kelly 
Maia Elise Jackson 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
“The Effects of Ethanol Preservation on High-Molecular Weight DNA” 
Associate Professor Brant Faircloth 
Katherine Keating 
B.A. Art; B.A. Philosophy 
“Scartata: A Philosophical Graphic Novella, Written and Illustrated by Kat Keating” 
Professor Darius Spieth 
Ethan Presley Kennedy 
B.A. Political Science; B.A. History 
“To Speak the Truth: An Analysis of Jury Selection and Composition in East Baton Rouge Parish” 
Associate Professor Christopher Sullivan 
Simone Elisabeth Koskie 
B.S. Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising 
“Stitching Sustainability: A Brief Analysis of Reducing Environmental Impact and Designing Zero-Waste” 
Assistant Professor Sibei Xia 
Vivian Celing Liu 
B.S. Information Systems and Decision Sciences  
“Summertime Precipitation Anomalies Near Industrial Facilities Along the Lower Mississippi River” 
Assistant Professor Paul Miller 
Leslie Claire Martin 
B.S. Entrepreneurship 
“Corporate Entrepreneurship in Louisiana and How the Entrepreneurial Spirit Remains Throughout Generations”  
Professor Edward Watson 
Camille Anastasia McGarvey 
B.S.M.E. Mechanical Engineering  
“The Effects Bound Powder Extrusion and Direct Metal Laser Sintering Have on the Mechanical Properties of 17-4 Stainless Steel” 
Professor Dimitris Nikitopoulos 
Alaine Monae Mitchell 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
“The Effects of Secondhand Smoke Exposure on Macrophage Response to Respiratory Viral Infection” 
Associate Professor Antonieta Guerrero-Plata 
Piper Naudin 
B.A.M.C. Mass Communication  
“The Association Between Background and Political Opinions in Chinese Students at Louisiana State University” 
Professor Robert Mann 
Marcelle Marie Pitre 
B.L.A. Landscape Architecture  
“South Lafourche: Resilient, Resurgent, Renewed” 
Assistant Professor Haley Blakeman 
Ria Nina Salway 
B.S. Biological Sciences; LASAL Scholar 
“Analyzing Population Structure and Shell Color across Populations of the Intertidal Snail, Nucella lamellosa” 
Associate Professor Morgan Kelly 
Reetu Shrestha 
B.S. Biological Sciences; B.S. Nutrition and Food Sciences  
“Phenotypic Evolution Due to Divergence Adaptations Found in SBW25 and PBR716 Pseudomonas fluorescens” 
Assistant Professor Jiaqi Tan 

Molly Giles Brewer 
B.A.M.C. Mass Communication 
“Media Content Analysis Comparing Coverage of Proposed Title IX Changes to Include Transgender Athletes” 
Assistant Professor Fanny Ramirez 
Jeffrey William Decker 
B.S. Psychology 
“The Spatiotemporal Architecture of Statistical Learning” 
Assistant Professor Christopher Cox 
Zoe Dickson 
B.F.A. Studio Art  
“Life's Cadence” 
Professor Richard Doubleday 
Madelyn Yvonne Hathcock 
B.S.Ev.E. Environmental Engineering  
“Treatment of Produced Water Recovered from Saltwater Disposal Wells for Hydrogen Production” 
Professor John Pardue 
Mckenzie Claire Hervey 
B.A.M.C. Mass Communication  
“Unveiling the Cycle: Breaking Menstrual Taboos through Education and Equity” 
Senior Instructor Sadie Wilks 
Joel Keller 
B.S. Mathematics  
“A GUI For Electromagnetics in Layered Media” 
Professor Stephen Shipman 
Emily G Lindsay 
B.A.M.C. Mass Communication  
“The Impacts of Social Media and Clothing Companies Portrayal and Influence on Female Body Image” 
Assistant Professor William Mari 
Catherine Tomoko Poss 
B.A. International Studies  
“Capitalism's Dual Crisis: Labor and Climate Under the Capitalist Growth Regime” 
Associate Professor Wonik Kim 
Michal Alexis Sextion 
B.A. English  
“Putting Form in Performance: An Analysis of Ntozake Shange’s for colored girls who have considered suicide/ when the rainbow is enuf” 
Associate Professor Angeletta Gourdine 
Kayla Gabrielle Williams 
B.A. Communication Disorders  
“Understanding Social Participation in Aphasia: Surveying Individual Perspectives Across WHO-ICF Domains” 
Assistant Professor Bijoyaa Mohapatra

Allyssa N Veney 
B.A. English  
“Mixed Feelings: Complexities of Race, Romance and Religion in Medieval Texts” 
Assistant Professor Richard Godden 
Cade Michael Acosta 
B.S. Marketing; B.S. Management  
“Bistro Mélange Business Plan” 
Assistant Professor Nawar Chaker 

Allison Cherie Allsop 
B.A.M.C. Mass Communication; B.A. Political Science  
“Case Studies on The State of Journalism in Louisiana” 
Professional-In-Residence Christopher Drew 
Stephanie Armond 
B.S. Physics  
“Quantitative Comparison of TDDFT-calculated High Harmonic Generation Yields in Ring-shaped Organic Molecules” 
Professor Mette Gaarde 
Chesani Ann Askew 
B.A. Political Science  
“‘Just One Simple Question: How Do We Protect Her?’: The Role of State Governments in Preventing Female Murders by Intimate Partners” 
Assistant Professor Anna Gunderson 
Daniela A Azevedo 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
“Predicting Antibiotic Resistance in Recreational Areas” 
Associate Professor Crystal Johnson 
Jack Bryant Bedell 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
“Development of a 3D-Printed Device to Study How Bacteria Alters the 3D Migration of Breast Cancer Cells” 
Associate Professor Naohiro Kato 
Jacie Leigh Bellina 
B.A. History; B.A. Political Science  
“Pirates, Popular Culture, and Historical Perception of the Golden Age of Piracy: The Evolution of the Image of Piracy” 
Professor Gaines Foster 
Blake Louis Bollinger 
B.S. Computer Science; B.S. Mathematics  
“From Authenticity to Abandonment: A Case Study on the Decline of BeReal” 
Associate Professor Anas Mahmoud 
Colette Cordelia Matheson Campbell 
B.A. History  
“Clare of Assisi as a Maternal Figure for Franciscan Women” 
Associate Professor Sherri Johnson 
Micayla Rayann Carter 
B.S. Psychology  
“Associations of ADHD Symptoms, Anxiety Symptoms, and Executive Functions in College-Age Women” 
Associate Professor Matthew Calamia 
Naomi Cates 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
“High-throughput Method for Identifying Pathogenicity Genes in Fungal Plant Pathogen Rhizopus stolonifer Using dsiRNAs” 
Associate Professor Vinson Doyle 
Elizabeth Celeste Cavell 
B.A. Political Science  
“The Politics of Non-State Provisioning in the Middle East and North Africa” 
Assistant Professor Lindsey Pruett 
Charlotte Chehardy 
B.S. Finance  
“A Review of American and European Central Banks and How They Shape and Strengthen the Financial System of the Western World” 
Senior Instructor Lewis Buckner Kilbourne 
Meredith Ashton Clark 
B.S. Marketing  
“Learning to Lead with AI: Equipping Executives for the Future of Business” 
Senior Instructor Aaron Gleiberman 
Rachael Noel Coates 
B.S. Biological Sciences 
“Integrated Microfluidic and Molecular Approach to Understanding Cancer Progression and Metastasis” 
Professor Todd Monroe 
Emily Courtney 
B.S. Biological Sciences; B.A. French  
“Effective Method for Green Chemical Extraction of Fucoxanthin and Omega-3 Fatty Acids from Microalgae, Fistulifera solaris” 
Associate Professor Naohiro Kato 
Nathaniel Dela Peña 
B.A. History; B.A. Political Science  
“An Exploration of the Political Diversity within the National Committee for a Free Germany” 
Assistant Professor Susan Grunewald 
Isabella Marie DeMaio 
B.A. Sociology; LASAL Scholar 
“Incarcerated Work Programs and Jobs: A Qualitative Analysis of the Construct of Employment in Prison and the Experiential Effect on the Reentry Process” 
Instructor Danielle Thomas 
Ryan Michael DePriest 
B.A. History; B.A.M.C. Mass Communication 
“Carnival of Light: The Beatles and the Counterculture” 
Professor Meredith Veldman 
Francis Vu Dinh 
B.Arch. Architecture  
“Hephaestus I” 
Assistant Professor Paul Holmquist 
Myrissa Eisworth 
B.A. Sociology; B.A. Anthropology; LASAL Scholar 
“Comparative Analysis of Two Methods for Quantifying Rape Culture” 
Instructor Danielle Thomas 
Jillian Blair Elliott 
B.A.M.C. Mass Communication 
“Made in Louisiana” 
Professional-In-Residence Cindy Carter 
Samuel Johnson Elliott 
B.S. Microbiology  
“Relationship Between Soil Fungal Endophytes and Phragmites australis” 
Associate Professor Vinson Doyle 
Conrad J Foreman 
B.M. Music  
“An Analysis of Mean Dreams” 
Assistant Professor Brian Nabors 
Miscia Fortna 
B.S. Physics  
“On the Creation of a Novel Mouse Positioning System” 
Professor Wayne Newhauser 
Jonah Lewis Foster 
B.L.A. Landscape Architecture  
“The Pines: Reimagining Sport Complex Design around Sustainability and Regenerative Design” 
Assistant Professor Haley Blakeman 
Mia G Fraser 
B.S.C.E.S. Coastal Environmental Science 
“Major Nurdle Spills Underscore the Need for a Legal Framework to Prevent Future Discharges in the State of Louisiana, USA” 
Professor Mark Benfield 
Elanor Lucia Fuller 
B.S. Biological Sciences; B.A. Liberal Arts         
“Phylogeography of Psychotria viridis, A Primary Component of Ayahuasca” 
Associate Professor Laura Lagomarsino 
Kennedi George 
B.S. Psychology  
“Verdicts in Color: Evaluation of the Impacts of Racial Resentment on Juror Decision-Making” 
Assistant Professor Vanessa Burke 
Caitlyn Gilliam 
B.A. Theatre  
“Immersive Theatre and The Value of Experience: The Sustainability of Live Theatre in Today’s Entertainment Industry” 
Associate Professor Shannon Walsh 
Natalia Andreina Gomez 
B.Arch. Architecture; LASAL Scholar 
“Beyond the Boundary: Envisioning the Future of Urban Planning in U.S.-Mexico Border Cities” 
Assistant Professor Fabio Capra-Ribeiro 
Josephine Hanegan 
B.A. English; B.A. Anthropology 
“Jesmyn Ward's Novels: Language, Education, and Diversity in the Contemporary South” 
Professor Brannon Costello 
Hiba Azeem Hasan 
B.S. Microbiology  
“Identification of Oxytocin and Oxytocin Receptor Expressing Cells in the Mouse Retina” 
Professor Ryoichi Teruyama 
Jack Hamilton Henry 
B.A. Political Science  
“Traversing the Depths of Politics and History in Renaissance Florence: Leonardo Bruni, Machiavelli, and the Medici” 
Professor James Stoner 
Isabella M Hommel
B.A. Political Science; B.A. Spanish  
“The Need for Civic Engagement and Religious Mores in American Democracy” 
Professor James Stoner 
Chloe Caroline Johnson 
B.S. Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising  
“Geoffrey Beene: A Study of Curatorial Practice and Implementation” 
Associate Professor Michael Mamp 
Harper Grey Gregory Juge 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
“Creating a Streamlined Bioinformatics Pipeline to Compare Protein Structures and Generate De Novo Peptide Constructs” 
Assistant Professor Alyssa Johnson 
Benjamin Klein 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
“The Involvement of Oxytocin Receptor Neurons in the Anteroventral Periventricular Nucleus during Pup Retrieval by Male Mice” 
Professor Ryoichi Teruyama 
Katy Anne Knecht 
B.S. Chemistry  
“Synthesis and Characterization of Potential Copper and Cobalt Electrocatalysts for the Aqueous Electrocatalytic Reduction of Nitrite” 
Assistant Professor Noemie Elgrishi 
Darrin Michael Lea 
B.S. Computer Science; B.S. Mathematics  
“Threat Modeling Industrial Control Systems” 
Professor Golden Richard III 
Anna Christine Leyrer 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
“Impact of Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals on the Integrity of the Airway Epithelium” 
Professor Stephania Cormier 
Mary E Logiudice 
B.S. Kinesiology  
“The Effects of Continuous, Low-dose Neutron Radiation Exposure during Gestation on the External Morphology and Development of the Mouse Fetus at Day 18 of Development” 
Assistant Professor Heather Allaway 
Kenedi Iyana Lynch 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
“Operation Brainstorm: Cerebellar Cytokine Expression in House Sparrows during Acute Malaria Infection” 
Assistant Professor Christine Lattin 
Nicole Marie Mann 
B.A. International Studies; B.A. Political Science  
“Navigating Waves of Change: The Neoliberal Turn and Its Impact on Latin America's Socioeconomic Landscape” 
Associate Professor Wonik Kim 
Corinne Marie Martin 
B.S.B.E. Biological Engineering  
“Characterization of a Custom Capacitive Sensor Array for a Force-Sensing Mouthguard” 
Professor Chandra Theegala 
Aidan Elizabeth McDonald 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
“Pyridopyrimidine Inhibitors of Biotin Carboxylase: Kinetic and Antibacterial Properties” 
Professor Grover Waldrop 
Noah McKinney 
B.A. English; B.A. History  
“Divine Gambits & Southdown Blues” 
Assistant Professor Ariel Francisco 

Mary Jett McLarty 
B.A. International Studies  
“The Importance of Reform Efforts: An Analysis of the Impact of Reform Efforts Following an Authoritarian Regime on Current Incarceration Habits - A Study of Mexico, Germany, Russia, and Japan” 
Associate Professor Leonard Ray 
Peyton Wheeler Meares 
B.S. Chemistry  
“Regioselective alpha-Difunctionalization of Cyclopentanones with Indole” 
Professor Rendy Kartika 
Leilani Metcalf 
B.A. History and International Studies  
“Feminist Frenzy to Fractured Failure: The Codification and Stagnation of Women’s Rights within the German Civil Code in Imperial Germany and its Relationship to Early German Feminism, 1871-1918” 
Assistant Professor Susan Grunewald 
Daniel Paul Metzger 
B.L.A. Landscape Architecture  
“Rockford Station Park” 
Professional-In-Residence Joni Hammons 
Ella Marie Millet 
B.A. Theatre (Performance); B.A. Theatre (Theatre Studies)  
“Producing Panic: The Melodramatic Conventions of Moral Panics” 
Associate Professor John Fletcher 
Michaela Minge 
B.S. Animal Sciences  
“Analysis of Digestibility of Shrimp Shell Waste Product in Cattle” 
Professor Cathleen C. Williams 
Antavion Moore 
B.A. Political Science; B.A. Music; LASAL Scholar 
“An Examination of the Variation in COVID-19 Relief Fund School Spending on Online Resources/Capabilities Among Rural and Urban Public School Districts in Louisiana” 
Associate Professor Belinda C. Davis 
Grant Muslow 
B.S.Comp.E Computer Engineering; B.S. Computer Science  
“Heat Map Overlay and Bluetooth LE Multilateration Using Augmented Reality” 
Professor Shuangqing Wei 

Elizabeth Claire Noel 
B.A. Spanish; B.S. Biological Sciences  
“Love in Miguel de Cervantes’ “La española inglesa”: The Primacy of the Soul and the Necessity of the Body” 
Associate Professor Carmela Mattza 
Ranna Okeil
B.S. Economics; B.S. Mathematics     
“Oil Production and Educational Outcomes: Evidence from Louisiana” 
Associate Professor Daniel Keniston 
Ella Jane Otken 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
“Set1 Lysine Methyltransferase Activity is Required for Extended Heterochromatic Silencing in Yeast rpd3 Mutants” 
Professor David Donze 
Nicole Phillips 
B.A. History; B.A. Philosophy  
“Girlhood Online: Catholicism, Suffering, and Femininity on Social Media” 
Associate Professor Sherri Johnson 
Gigi Gabrielle Powers 
B.A. Political Science  
“The Clash of Values: Understanding Attitudes Toward Due Process Protections for Sexual Assault Cases on College Campuses” 
Professor James Garand 
Joseph Prude 
B.A. Political Science  
“We Love It When a Plan Comes Together: Gerrymandering and Republican Overrepresentation in Congress” 
Instructor William Blair 
Bruce Quach 
B.S. Computer Science  
“Location Privacy Violations from SVM Classifications - An Android Recording Application Study” 
Assistant Professor Chen Wang 
Christopher Patrick Reso 
B.S. Chemistry  
“Bimetallic Nanoparticle Synthesis and Characterization” 
Assistant Professor Louis Haber 
Alyson P Rivers 
B.S. Psychology  
“Suicide Safety Planning Specialization for Sexual and Gender Minorities” 
Assistant Professor Ryan Hill 
Erinn Marie Roblee 
B.S.B.E. Biological Engineering  
“Investigation of Cell Viability Analysis for 3D Cell Culture Utilizing alamarBlue” 
Professor Todd Monroe 
Jared Rodrigue 
B.S. Biological Sciences  
“The Role of the SP1/KLF Transcription Factor Huckebein in Drosophila Neuronal Development” 
Associate Professor SeYeon Chung 
Lucas William Rot 
B.S. Natural Resource Ecology & Management; B.S.C.E.S. Coastal Environmental Science 
“Effects of Patch Size and Avian Community Composition on Amazonian Rainforest Soundscapes” 
Professor Phil Stouffer 
Jacob Ari Roubein 
B.A. History  
“How Medieval Christian Antisemitic Tropes Are Being Utilized by Hamas Against Israel and Jewish People” 
Assistant Professor Maria Rethelyi 
Amy Ruckman 
B.A. English; B.I.S. Interdisciplinary Studies  
“Embodying Bodily (Il)Legibility: Disability, Gender, and Futurity in George Dibdin Pitt’s Algernon the Blind Guide and Belinda the Blind” 
Associate Professor Chris Barrett 
Bridget Seghers 
B.I.S. Interdisciplinary Studies; LASAL Scholar 
“Developing Correction Models for the Effect of Lipid Content on Stable Isotope Values in Invasive Silver Carp Tissues” 
Associate Professor Michael Polito 
Steven Richard Seiden 
B.S. Computer Science  
“Tapping IPAs: An Automated Analysis of iPhone Applications Using Apple Silicon Macs” 
Professor Ibrahim Baggili 
Anne Sheehan-Dean 
B.A. Political Science; B.A. History and Liberal Arts 
“Imprisoned for Self-Defense: Criminalized Survivors in Louisiana” 
Associate Professor Catherine Jacquet 
Mina Sheikh 
B.S. Biological Sciences 
“Bacteria-Induced Internal Egg Hatching in Caenorhabditis elegans” 
Assistant Professor Fan Zhang 
Bailey Marie Shoulders 
B.S. Psychology  
“The Effect of Musical Experience on Lexical Tone Perception Efficiency of Non-tonal Language Speakers” 
Professor Janet McDonald 
Lilly Camille Small 
B.S.W. Social Work  
“The Effectiveness of Applied Behavior Analysis and Other Interventions on Autism Spectrum Disorder and Parental Stress Levels: A Review of the Literature” 
Assistant Professor Jahanna Bailey 
Nils Henrik Sommerfeld 
B.S. Physics 
“Statistical Analysis of Stochastically Generated Free Electron Laser Pulses” 
Assistant Professor Francois Mauger 
Sydney A Sorbet 
B.M. Music; B.A. Music  
“Bon Appétit!: Lee Hoiby, Julia Child, the Use of Text Painting, and the Process of Producing the Show” 
Professor Lori Bade 
Victoria M Staid 
B.Arch. Architecture  
“Sea Level Rise Adaptation Analysis for Miami, Florida Considering Community Engagement” 
Assistant Professor Traci Birch 
Margaret Stewart 
B.S. Computer Science  
Associate Professor Qingyang Wang 
Jacob Germain Stocks 
B.A. Sociology; B.A. Political Science  
“The Role of Social Media, Complex Social Systems, and Authoritarian Attitudes in Political Socialization” 
Senior Instructor Skylar C. Gremillion 
Anna Catherine Strong 
B.A. Political Science; B.A. Screen Arts; LASAL Scholar 
“Athena and Barbie: Identity 2500 Years Apart” 
Alumni Professor Cecil Eubanks 
Amjad Abdulrahman Thaljeh 
B.S. Biochemistry  
“Preparation of 3 Bacterial Polysaccharides with Tumor Therapeutic Activity and Studies for Carbohydrate Composition Analysis by Gas-Liquid Chromatography” 
Professor Roger A. Laine 
Janea Jessamine Thibodeaux 
B.S. Psychology 
“Evaluating Preference for Feedback Frequency and its Relation to Task Performance” 
Assistant Professor Samuel Morris 
Emma Katherine Thigpen 
B.A. History 
“The First English Divorce: The Scandalous Story of Lord and Lady Roos” 
Professor Victor Stater 
Olivia Reece Trejo 
B.S. International Trade and Finance 
“Antitrust Analysis of Multisided Platforms: An Updated Survey with Case Application to Amazon” 
Assistant Professor Philip Marx 
Gabriele M Troxclair 
B.A. Sociology  
“DEI in SEC Schools: University Websites, State Legislation, and DEI Professional Perceptions” 
Associate Professor Mark Schafer 
Andres Vasquez 
B.A. Political Science (American Government & Politics and Comparative Government & Politics) 
“Support for Autocrats During Democratic Backsliding” 
Associate Professor Yann Kerevel 
Rachel L Wall 
B.S. Kinesiology 
“The Effects of 12-weeks of Aerobic Exercise on Biomarkers of Neutrophil Function in Colorectal Cancer Survivors” 
Associate Professor Guillaume Spielmann 
Mackenzie Weeks 
B.S. Biological Sciences 
“The Investigation of the Mechanism Responsible for Different Signals Across Codon Positions in the Phylogenetic Analysis of HIV” 
Professor Jeremy Brown 
Dylan Michael White 
B.A. History; B.A. Liberal Arts  
“‘Gay Pride is Growing’: Creating Le Beau Monde in Rural Louisiana” 
Associate Professor Catherine Jacquet 
Dustin Wleczyk 
B.S. Computer Science  
“Development of the Game Kingdom of Life on Roblox” 
Associate Professor Qingyang Wang 
Yu Yang 
B.M. Music  
“Social Support, Mentorship, and Performance Anxiety: Perspectives of Current LSU Music Performance Undergraduate and Graduate Students” 
Associate Professor Kamile Geist 

Presentation of Awards

Roger Hadfield Ogden Dean Jonathan Earle

Ogden Honors College Outstanding Thesis Awards
CC Dubois Memorial Award
Leo & Insa Abraham Honors Excellence Award in Honor of Dr. James D. Hardy, Jr.

Infographic of Honors Distinction totals: 109 Good Standing; 21 Thesis Honors; 10 Upper Division Honors; 93 College Honors