David ChicoineDavid Chicoine

W. G. Haag Professor of Archaeology


Ph.D. University of East Anglia, 2007
M.Sc. Université de Montréal, 2003
B.Sc. Université de Montréal, 2000


Dr. Chicoine is an anthropological archaeologist who studies ancient Andean societies. His field research focuses on the north coast of Peru and he currently directs excavations at Cerro San Isidro in the Nepeña Valley. The excavation project is part of a broader program in collaboration with Dr. George F. Lau (University of East Anglia) that investigates the rise of divine lordships in northern Peru.  Find out more about Dr. Chicoine's research on his personal page.

Recent Publications

Chicoine, D. & M. Helmer. 2024. Spatial Clustering, Focal Nodes and Neighborhood Organization in Early Horizon Peru: Comparative Perspectives from Caylán and Samanco, Nepeña Valley. In Neighborhood and District Integration in the Andes and Mesoamerica, edited by G. Cervantes & J. Walden, pp. 171-192. Center for Comparative Archaeology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh.

Chicoine, D., H. Ikehara & K. Shibata. 2023. Beyond Chavín: The Millennium BC in the Nepeña Valley. In Reconsidering the Chavín Phenomenon in the Twenty-First Century, edited by R. L. Burger & J. Nesbitt, pp. 207-236. Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection. Harvard University Press, Cambridge.

Chicoine, D. & J. Warner. 2022. Gathering Salinar Houses: Platforms-as-Assemblages in Ancient Coastal Peru. In From House Societies to States: Early Political Organization, from Antiquity to the Middle Ages, edited by J. C. Moreno García, pp. 195-217. Oxbow Books, Oxford.

Chicoine, D., B. Clement, & L. S. Cummings. 2022. Plants and Diets in Early Horizon Coastal Peru: Macrofloral Remains from Rehydrated Fecal Samples at Caylán. Andean Past 13: 445-455.

Chicoine, D., V. Vásquez, & T. Rosales. 2022. Taxonomic Analyses of the Vertebrate Faunal Remains at Caylán, Peru. Andean Past 13: 456-462.

Chicoine, D. 2022. Enchantment in Ancient Peru: Salinar Period Murals and Architecture. World Art 12 (1): 67-94.

Courses Taught

Mortuary Practices in the Andes
Field Methods in Archaeology
World Archaeology
Method and Theory in Archaeology
Archaeology of Foodways
Ancient Civilizations of South America
Ritual: Theory, Context and Performance
Introduction to Graduate Studies

Current Graduate Students

Julia Johnston (PhD, 2023-present)
Topic to be determined

Heidi Mayeaux-Wagner (MA, 2022-present)
"Ancient Andean Biopolitics"

Corey Hoover (PhD, 2021-present) (co-advised with Kristine DeLong)
Topic to be determined

Mathilde Morzaniga (MA, 2021-present)
"Ancient Mortuary Patterns at Cerro San Isidro, Peru"

Amy Hair (PhD, 2020-present)
"Osteons and Orthodoxy: Long Bone Histology and Labor Patterns"

Christopher Nicosia (PhD, 2018-present)
“Spatial Paleopathological Study of Nonspecific Stress in Ancient Americas”

Kenneth Sutherland (PhD, 2017-present)
"Ancient Foodways in the Nepeña Valley, Peru"

Past Graduate Students

Aja Palermo (MA, 2024)
"If Threads Could Talk: Listening to Andean Textiles at the Louisianan State University Museum of Art"

Itzamara Ixta (MA, 2024)
"The Ancient Occupation of the East Terrace at Cerro San Isidro, Moro District, Nepeña Valley, Peru"

Madeline Blanchard (MA, 2023)
“Becoming Avian: Amazonian Featherworks from the John P. O’Neill Collection”

Monica Fenton (MA, 2021)
“What the Shell? The Zooarchaeology of Cerro San Isidro, Peru”

Elizabeth Cruzado (PhD, 2021)
“The Ancient Occupation of Nivín, Casma, Peru: Co-Creating Heritage in Andean Archaeology”

Jacob Warner (PhD, 2021) (co-advised with Kristine DeLong)
“Reconstructing the El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) in Northern Peru: Perspectives from Donax Obesulus Geochemistry and Archaeomalacology”

Kaitlyn Lowrance (MA, 2021)
“Ancient Pottery Making at Cerro San Isidro, Nepeña Valley, Peru”

Audrey DeLuca (MA, 2020)
“Moche Juvenile Burial Patterns”

Kimberly Munro (PhD, 2018)
“Landscapes of Persistence and Ritual Architecture at the Cosma Complex, Upper Nepeña Valley, Peru”

Kenneth Sutherland (MA, 2017)
“Pots, Pans, and Politics: Feasting in Early Horizon Nepeña, Peru”

Michelle Miller (MA, 2016)
“Ceramic Technology, Production, and Exchange as Seen Through Macroscopic Analysis of Pottery Fragments from the Early Horizon Center Caylán, Nepeña Valley, Peru”

Jenna Hurtubise (MA, 2015)
“Mortuary Practices and Social Identity at the Late Middle Sicán Matrix 101, Lambayeque Valley, Peru”

Jacob Warner (MA, 2015)
“Production, Discard, and Urban Life at the Early Horizon Center of Caylán, Coastal Peru”

Ashley Whitten (MA, 2015)
“Early Horizon Community Organization and Neighborhoods as Seen Through the Spatial Analysis of Residential Architecture at the Urban Center of Caylán, Peru”

James Treloar (MA, 2014)
“Early Horizon Defensive Structures and the Role of Warfare in the Lower Nepeña Valley, Peru”

Caitlyn McNabb (MA, 2013)
“Emergent Irrigation Agriculture and Settlement Patterns in the Lower Nepeña Valley, North-Central Coast of Peru”

Beverly Clement (MA, 2012)
“Late Formative Plant Use and Diet at Caylán (Peru) as Seen Through the Analysis of Macrobotanical Remains and Human Feces”

Matthew Helmer (MA, 2011)
“Social Life and Ancient Andean Public Landscapes: Actions and Performances as Seen Through the Use of a First Millennium BCE Plaza at Caylán, Peru”


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