Glenn Sinclair


Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering

Held the Groves Hodge Professorship of Mechanical Engineering

3270D Patrick F. Taylor Hall

Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, LA 70803 


Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Applied mechanics, California Institute of Technology, 1972
  • B.E., Engineering Science, University of Auckland, New Zealand, 1969
  • B.Sc., Mathematics, University of Auckland, New Zealand, 1967

Research Interests

  • Traditional fracture mechanics: Singularity identification and interpretation, development of related numerical tools, assessment of classical fracture mechanics
  • Nontraditional fracture mechanics: Improving modeling to remove stress singularities
  • Tribology: Contact and fretting problems, development of air bearing models
  • Numerical methods: Development of submodeling procedures and verification techniques. Examples of applications include modeling and analysis of blade attachments in jet engines, head-disk interactions in hard disk drives, can extrusion processes, and spinal implants in humans.

Selected Publications

G.B. Sinclair, G. Meda and B.S. Smallwood, "On crack-tip stresses as crack-tip radii decrease," Journal of Applied Mechanics, Vol. 78, pp. 01104-1-8 (2011).

G.B. Sinclair, "On the pressure and stress singularities induced by steady flows of a pair of nonmiscible, incompressible, viscous fluids in contact with a wall," Acta Mechanica Sinica, Vol. 26, pp. 669-673 (2010).

J.R. Beisheim and G.B. Sinclair, "Improved three-dimensional crowning profiles for
dovetail attachments," Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, Vol. 132, pp. 064504-1-4 (2010).

J. Jiang, G.B. Sinclair and W.J. Meng, "Quasi-static normal indentation of an elasto-plastic substrate by a periodic array of elastic strip punches, " International Journal of Solids and Structures, Vol. 46, pp. 3677-3693 (2009).

G.B. Sinclair, X. Chi and T.I-P. Shih, "On the pressure and stress singularities induced by steady flows of an incompressible viscous fluid," Acta Mechanica Sinica, Vol. 25, pp. 451- 462 (2009).

G.B. Sinclair, "A note on the influence of cohesive stress-separation laws on elastic stress singularities in antiplane shear," Journal of Elasticity, Vol. 94, pp. 87-93 (2009).