The Sidney E. Fuchs Seminar Series

Spring 2014

"Mechanical Innovations for Smarter Oil Well Placement and Control to Increase Production and Lifetime"

Martin E. Poitzsch
Completions Physics Architect/Advisor,
Completions Product Group & Segment, Schlumberger SRC

Poster Announcement - 4/11/2014, Frank H. Walk Room 

"Electrical Actuation of Small Diffusion Flames"

Derek Dunn-Rankin
Professor and Department Chair, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UC Irvine

Poster Announcement - 4/4/2014, Frank H. Walk Room 

The Mechanical Engineering Alumni Achievement Award Lecture: "Laser-Material Interactions: Experiences from the Intersection of Photonics & Mechanical Engineering"

David W. Hahn (LSU BSME 1986, LSU PhD 1992)
Professor and Department Chair, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Florida

Poster Announcement - 3/28/2014, Frank H. Walk Room 

"Great Engineering Opportunities in the Medical Device Industry"

Walt Baxter
Senior Principal Scientist, Medtronic, Inc., Santa Ana California

Poster Announcement - 3/21/2014, Frank H. Walk Room 

IGERT Ethics Seminar: "Ethics of Research Beyond Publication and Presentation - Data Sharing and Public Access"

James Rocha, Moderator
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Philosophy and Religious Studies, LSU

Poster Announcement - 3/14/2014, Frank H. Walk Room 

"Molecular Modeling of Interfacial Systems: Environmental and NanoMaterials Applications"

Francisco Hung
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, and Adjunct to CCT, LSU

Poster Announcement - 3/7/2014, Frank H. Walk Room 

EPIC Joint Seminar: "Quantifying the Uncertainty in Multiphase CFD Predictions"

Madhava Syamlal
Focus Area Leader, DoE National Energy Technology Laboratory

Poster Announcement - 2/7/2014, Frank H. Walk Room 

"Coming Full Circle: Cryo-solid to Parafin to Cryo-solid - Research for Affordable Access to Space"

Adam Baran
Staff Engineer, Lockheed-Martin Space Systems
Lecturer, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, LSU

Poster Announcement - 1/31/2014, Frank H. Walk Room