The Sidney E. Fuchs Seminar Series

Fall 2015

"Perspectives on Working at a DOE National Lab"

Harry Radousky
Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Poster Announcement - 11/20/2015, Frank H. Walk Room

"Expanding the Use of Frequency Specific Techniques During Nanomechanical Testing"

Warren Oliver
President, Nanomechanics Inc.

Poster Announcement - 11/13/2015, Frank H. Walk Room

"Composite Structures Repair Development at Kennedy Space Center"

Sarah Cox
Materials Engineer, Kennedy Space Center, NASA 

Poster Announcement - 11/6/2015, Frank H. Walk Room

EPIC Joint Seminar: "Enabling Computational Modeling of Novel Fuel Atomization Processes"

Olivier Desjardins
Associate Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University

Poster Announcement - - 10/23/2015, Frank H. Walk Room

"Subsea Engineering: Challenging the Next Generation of Engineers"

Diana K. Grauer
Corporate Technology Manager, OneSubsea

Poster Announcement  - 9/25/2015, Frank H. Walk Room