Stay Connected During the Renovation and Expansion of Patrick F. Taylor Hall

January 5, 2015 | LSU Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

New Building Entrances

Below is the updated pedestrian access plan for Phase 2 of renovation. This will be in place for the start of the fall semester and continue until the end of the project. There will be four areas of entry, but note that some open later in the semester:

  • Entry on the north side of the Cambre Atrium (near stair 3)
  • Back/north side of the phase 1 (facing Old Forestry building)
  • East side of phase 1 (facing BEC, near stair 6)
  • The Chemical Engineering Building will have two – middle entrance (open now) and an entrance on the south side, by the auditorium (near stair 1, open December 2016)
    phase 2 student access plan

Department Locations

Many departments have relocated for the second phase while some remained the same between each phase. Locations with an asterisk indicate newly relocated for Phase 2 of construction. If no asterisk, then department location remains the same as it was in Phase 1. 


Student Services (Counseling & Advising): Audubon Sugar Institute Bldg

Chevron Center for Academic Success: PFT 1233*

Dean’s Office: PFT 3270*

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs: PFT 3330*

College Administration: PFT 3290A-E, T-R*

Recruitment: PFT 3272*

Development: PFT 3272P*

Facilities: PFT 3316P*

IT: PFT 3324* 

Academic Departments

lsu campus map

Civil & Environmental Engineering: PFT 3325*

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering: PFT 3261*

Computer Science: LDMC (CCT), Coates Hall & EE Bldg: department administration

Electrical & Computer Engineering: LDMC (CCT), ERAD & EE Bldg: department administration

Construction Management: 2nd Floor Old Forestry Bldg

Petroleum Engineering: 1st Floor Old Forestry Bldg