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Fall 2017 

August 31                    Graduate Student Showcase                                                 Created by our outstanding students

September 13-16       Baton Rouge SLAM!  An Obituary for Summer 2016          Directed by Josh Hamzehee

September 27-28       The Justice Fleet Pop-Up Museums                                     Created by guest artist Amber Johnson

October 25-28            The Creature from the Primordial World                               Directed by Tracy Stephenson Shaffer

November 20-21        White Shadows                                                                         Directed by Shanna Lambert 

November 29              Fall Showcase                                                                           Created by our outstanding students

Spring 2018

January 25-29: War Stories (created/performed/directed by Cynthia Sampson)

February 17& 18: Patti Pace Performance Festival

March 16-19: Persistence of Vision: Antarctica (created by Trish Suchy and Vince LiCata)

April 19-23: You Menstrual Me (created/directed by Emily Graves)

April 26 (Wednesday): Undergraduate Showcase