Purchasing Agent Certification


The Purchasing Agent Certification program is for professional and administrative staff within the department who are primarily responsible for the regular day-to-day procurement activities, transactions and solicitation of quotes within their department. These individuals have attended the required training courses in order to demonstrate the necessary skills and evaluation methods needed to successfully implement improved purchasing practices as part of the LSU Procurement Services objectives and the mission of LSU.


Benefits of Certification

LSU Procurement Services recognizes the growing complexity and heavy demands of procurement operations. Deans, Directors and Department Heads need the assurance that their purchasing agents and buyers are adequately trained, reliable, and dedicated to their professions by being aware of the best practices and up to date on all policies and procedures applicable to the institution.

As the campus professional and administrative staff changes and grows we realize that training must be on-going and advance with the industry of the business world. The Purchasing Agent Certification provides administration a higher degree of confidence in the ability and integrity of the people who have been selected to do the job.


Requirements for the Purchasing Agent Certification Program

Applicants must be recommended for certification by their Dean, Department Head or Director. Then the applicants are evaluated on their role as it pertains to Procurement for their business unit as demonstrated by their assigned job duties and years of procurement experience.

All applicants are then required to attend all mandatory Procurement Training courses, a minimum of 3 elective courses and score at least 85% on the "Purchasing Agent Certification Exam" to obtain certification.

To renew certification, Purchasing Agents must annually attend a minimum of 10 credit hours.

Certification requirements may change without prior notice.     




Code of Ethics

Each applicant pledges to:

  • Maintain loyalty to LSU. Pursue the universities objectives consistent with the procurement code so as to also adhere to all federal, state, or local laws.
  • Buy without personal prejudice from suppliers who offer the optimum value when all factors are considered.
  • Be honest and insist on honesty from others. Denounce all forms of unscrupulous business practices.
  • Avoid all conflicts of interest which would jeopardize impartiality in your business transactions.
  • Be truthful with your suppliers, potential suppliers, and all others with whom you do business.
  • Maintain high standards of personal conduct.
  • Refuse to accept gratuities offered by suppliers or potential suppliers.

Code of Conduct

Each applicant pledges to:

  • Strive constantly to improve his or her knowledge of methods, materials, and processes that affect purchasing performance.
  • Practice and insist on sound business principles in the conduct of all transactions.
  • Be receptive to competent counsel from colleagues and demonstrate a willingness to share in support of the purchasing profession.
  • Engage and promote the sourcing and use of diverse suppliers in support of the University’s commitment.

Purchasing Agent Certification Course Curriculum




Methods of Procurement


Professional Specialty & Consulting Services


Understanding Risk: Insurance & Indemnification


Specifications 101





Bid Types


Complex Specifications


Contracts 101


Contract Management


Department Solicitations


Moveable Property - From Requisition to Disposal


Sole Sourcing


Strategic Sourcing 101


Supplier Diversity



For more information regarding courses, visit the 2017 LSU Procurement Summit & Supplier Expo webpage. Additional training courses will be offered beginning October 2017.

All current delegates must re-certify for delegation & attend training courses as outlined for certification.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do all the people in our office that work with Procurement have to get this Certification? 

Reply: It is our intent to narrow down the certifications to just those who actually conduct Procurement activity. If you are the individual tasked with making the purchase on LaCarte or conducting the solicitation you should get certified.


  • Do we have to pay to take these credit hours? 

Reply: Training courses are free.


  • If we sign up, where are the classes held for these certification credits and how long are they? 

Reply: Currently, the training courses are being offered during the Procurement Summit. We will regroup after the Summit and schedule webinars and/or face-to-face training to begin in or after October.


  • Are they like regular LSU courses – go on M/W/F for an hour and for how many weeks? 

Reply: Yes, these are regular employee training sessions offered during work hours. Typically 1-2 hours depending on the delivery method. 


  • Should we go to this 2017 LSU Procurement Summit and take the classes at Lod Cook for the day? 

Reply: It would be most advantageous to attend the Summit and get it all knocked out in these 2 days. However, as stated above additional sessions will be scheduled at a later date in case you cannot attend the Summit.


  • How do the “credit hours” work for the certification process?

Reply: The credit hours only come into play when renewing the certification. You can take a mix of courses to meet the annual requirement of 10 credit hours to maintain delegation.


  • The Summit – are the classes all day long – do I have to take annual leave or is this time taken approved time off?

Reply: The Summit is a working meeting. You should not have to take leave but you should check with your supervisor.


  • Can I pick any of the elective courses (3) of them – i.e. Contracts 101; Contract Management; Sole Sourcing - a minimum of 3 elective courses and score at least 85% on the "Purchasing Agent Certification Exam" to obtain certification. Is this correct?

Reply: Correct. You can choose the 3 electives that are suitable to your purchasing needs.



For information, please contact us at 225-578-2176 or purchase@lsu.edu.




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