Terms & Conditions

Library notes are often used as special terms and conditions on solicitations and purchase orders. If you have any special requirements (i.e., delivery, samples, etc), we suggest you review these terms for pre approved language that may be applicable to your procurement.

Use of these terms and conditions is not required.  If terms are not added at the departmental level but are needed, Procurement will add them.  If you have any questions regarding the meaning of any of these terms, do not hesitate to contact our office.

See below for directions on how to add these terms to your requisition or departmental solicitation in PRO:

  • The terms and conditions listed in the Library Notes link above are stored in the PRO database, with the Note ID listed to the left of the note.
  • Enter the applicable Note ID in the Note ID field in the T & C tab of the requisition or solicitation, and click “Add.”  The term and condition will then be added.  To view the added note, click the Note ID of the term and condition you would like to view. The information will populate the note detail.  Once the description of the note is in the note detail section, you can make any necessary edits.  To save any edits made, you must click “Change.”  If you make any changes to a note, the note ID will change to “view.”




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