Faculty and Staff


L. Abbigail Granger, DVM, DACVR, Associate Professor and Service Chief

Lorrie Gaschen, DVM, PhD, Dr. Habil., Dr.med.vet, DECVDI, Professor and Executive Associate Dean for Diversity, Student & Faculty Affairs

Nathalie Rademacher, Dr.med.vet, DECVDI, DACVR, Associate Professor

House Officers

Rachel Jania, DVM, Resident

Rebekah Gallaher, DVM Resident

Samantha Miles, DVM, Resident

Hayley Paradise, DVM, Resident


Mark Hunter, Head Technologist        

Rouchelle Gage, Radiology Technologist, MRI specialty

Dawn Kelly, Equine Imaging, Nuclear Medicine specialty 

Ashley Kleinpeter, Small Animal Imaging, MRI