Student Chapter of the American Association of Equine Practitioners


    Mariah Markle (2021)


    Dr. Laura Riggs


    The Student Chapter of The American Association of Equine Practitioners at LSU strives to instill a passion for equine medicine in student members and allow them ample opportunities to network with board certified clinicians in the field. Throughout the year, we host multiple lunch meetings and wet labs to provide student members with information and hands on experiences that they may not get in the veterinary curriculum. Our biggest event is Castration Day, sponsored by Operation Gelding, that occurs in the spring. Students get the opportunity to perform surgery, assist, and act as an anesthesiologist, all with the guidance of a veterinarian. Some other topics we cover include: podiatry, dentistry, surgery, internal medicine, sports medicine, and ophthalmology. We also encourage student members to get involved in our chapter organization: the American Association of Equine Practitioners. Becoming a member allows student an opportunity for networking, applying for scholarships, and attending the annual national conference. Equine medicine is our passion and we aspire to establish a passion in future veterinarians as well!

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