Due Dates


Letter of Intent (LOI) due: January 21, 2019 by 5:00 pm.

LOI's can now be completed on the website. Emailed PDF's are no longer necessary. Submitting an LOI is an important step as it allows us to know if we can help you identify a project. LOI's also give program administrators an idea regarding the number and type of proposals they are likely to receive.


Submit Letter of Intent


Proposals for funding due: February 8, 2019 by 5:00 pm.

Submit a PDF of your proposal to Stephanie Willis at stephaniewillis@lsu.edu


Students are eligible to apply for funding on a one-time basis in the year 2018 for research that can be accomplished in 11 weeks. Recipients of awards will be notified by early March 2019, to allow early planning, purchase of supplies and preparation for summer research projects. Research projects will be considered for funding for which work can be done in a single summer. Students enrolled in the research elective emphasis area may submit a continuation plan on anticipated further work to be done in separate modules funded by other means (e.g. a research mentor’s funded grant) that span up to 2 summers and/or multiple 2-4 week elective blocks.


One proposal will be selected to submit to the Morris Animal Foundation for funding. The chosen proposal will need to be reformatted and submitted online to Morris Animal Foundation by March 1, 2018.