Room Scheduler Policies

Covid-19 Room Scheduling Policy Changes

  1. Under Phase II guidelines there should never be more than 50% of a room's normal capacity present at anytime. A room that formally housed 8 individuals will now accommodate 4.
  2. Masks must be worn at all times in meeting rooms and 6' or more distancing is recommended.
  3. Long standing, year to year, reservations will no longer be allowed. Reoccurring meetings will only be scheduled during the current semester up until Dec 31st. Spring 2021 Reservation will not be accepted until December 1, 2020.
  4. Given the current remote work environment, all room reservations should be requested 24hours in advanced. Room spaces not reserved are subject to a"1st come 1st served" guideline. However this policy should not be abused and rooms not reserved in the scheduler should not be used for more that 2 hours at a time between the hours of 8am-5pm. 
  5. It is highly encouraged that meetings with 10 or more attendees are held virtually when possible.  

Who Can Schedule a Room?

LSU SVM Faculty, Staff, and Students can schedule rooms for events, lectures, meetings, office parties, training or courses. 

The Fine Print

Although room reservations are taken on a first come first serve basis, SVM core curriculum courses take precedent over all other reservations whether or not there is a reservation in place. Every attempt will be made to place a standing invitation into a new location when possible.

Club meetings will only be honored by clubs who fill out the appropriate club registration information.

Always check the scheduler before using a room!

Event Calendar

Reserving a room does not automatically place an event on the official Event Calendar. Having a complete Event Calendar ensures that we do not double-book for events and cause our faculty, staff, and student to have to choose. Also, LSU requires that all events with large groups or outside visitors be placed on the LSU calendar in case of emergencies so that the LSU Police Department has this information in case we need to evacuate buildings. To add your event to the Event Calendar, please email details to Celia Ordoyne, Outreach Coordinator, at

Need a Room?

While most SVM class, conference and meeting rooms are scheduled through the room scheduler; some rooms are managed by other departments. Here is a listing of rooms that can be scheduled through Student Affairs:

First Floor

Library Conference Room 1 (4 max)

Equipment: Single Laptop Plug-in with TV Monitor

Library Conference Room 2 (9 max)

Equipment: Projector/Glassboard

Library Conference Room 3 (7 max)

Equipment: Projector/Glassboard

Library Conference Room 4 (4 max)

Equipment: Mediascape, TV

Library Conference Room 5 (4 max)

Equipment: Mediascape, TV

1007: Testing/Study room

1205: 3rd Year Classroom (50 max)

Equipment: Smart Podium, Computer, Projector, Panopto, Camera, Microphone

1211: Auditorium (119 max)

Equipment: Smart Podium, Computer, Projector, Panopto, Camera, Microphone

1212 B (10 max)

Equipment: Projector, Smart Podium, Computer

1212 C (20 max)

Equipment: Projector, Smart Podium, Computer, Camera

Second Floor 

2101: 2nd Year Classroom (45 max)

Equipment: Smart Podium, Projector, Computer, Audio, Panopto

2102: Small Classroom (15 max)

Equipment: Smart Podium, Projector, Computer

2103: 1st Year Classroom (45 max)

Equipment: Smart Podium, Projector, Computer, Audio, Panopto,

2104: PBL 2nd Floor Lab (37 max)

Equipment: Computer Workstation (x8), Mediascape (TV) (x8)

2105: 2nd Floor Histo Lab (50 max)

Equipment: T.V. Monitors Mounted (x6), Projector, Smart Board, Computer

Large Animal ISO (6 max) 

VCS Conference Rooms and Lab that are not are not scheduled through the Student Affairs Office.

Rooms 1840 and 2313 are coordinated by Kevin Oubre at

Room 1301 B is coordinated by Sarah Keeton at

PBL Computer Lab

Student Affairs now also manages the reservations of the PBL Lab (Computer Lab) on the 2nd floor (for course related reservations only) when the majority of the lab will be in use. Such reservations can only be requested by Faculty/Staff. No student, club, or individual reservations will be honored. When the rooms or computer stations are not scheduled they are open on a first come; first serve basis. 

Room Scheduler