Awards & Achievements

Center for Academic Success

  • 2017 Division of Student Affairs Innovation Award for CAS Course Connections
  • 2017 Division of Student Affairs Service Award – Susan Saale
  • 2017 The International Center for Supplemental Instruction, Supplemental Instruction Certification
  • 2016 Division of Student Affairs Academic Partner Award – Nanette Cheatham
  • 2015 NCLCA Learning Center of Excellence Certification
  • 2015 Division of Student Life and Enrollment Innovation Award for Faculty Focus
  • 2015 Division of Student Life and Enrollment Assessment Award
  • 2013 NASPA Promising Practices between Academic and Student Affairs Award
  • 2012 International SI Leader Award – Hunter Chapman
  • 2012 Division of Student Life and Enrollment Model Collaboration Award for Academic Intervention Team
  • 2011 Division of Student Life and Enrollment Model Collaboration Award for Success Quest
  • 2010 NASPA Program Excellence Award for IMPACT
  • 2004 Frank Christ Outstanding Learning Center Award
  • 2000 Learning Support Centers in Higher Education Outstanding Website Award

First Year Experience

  • 2017 Division of Student Affairs Assessment Award for Social Media Analytics
  • 2017 Division of Student Affairs Outstanding Graduate Assistant – Lexi Verret
  • 2016 Division of Student Affairs Assessment Award
  • 2016 Division of Student Affairs Newcomer Award – Kathryn Knaus
  • 2013 ACPA Commission for Admissions, Orientation, and the First Year Experience Outstanding Experienced Professional Award – Missy Korduner
  • 2012 Bronze Recipient – NASPA Excellence Award for STRIPES
  • 2012 ACPA Commission for Administrative Leadership Outstanding Mid-Level Professional Award – Missy Korduner
  • 2011 Division of SLE Transformational Leadership Award – Maggi Spurlock



Media Contacts: Tatum Lyles and Sarah Stafford, LSU Student Success,
(225) 578-7658

LSU Division of Student Affairs Awards Center for Academic Success and First Year Experience for Services

Baton Rouge, La. – Each year the LSU Division of Student Affairs hosts a breakfast to recognize the departments under their division. LSU Center for Academic Success (CAS) and LSU First Year Experience (FYE) were recognized by the Division for their efforts to retain and engage students and for their overall quality of service.

CAS was awarded the Innovation Award for Course Connections. Course Connections reaches students while they are in class and ready to absorb information. CAS staff gives an open- discussion presentation for academic success strategies. Presentation topics include: time management, understanding learning styles and test preparation.

Dr. Gloria Thomas, LSU CAS Director said, “This recognition celebrates CAS’ ongoing commitment to designing, implementing and assessing new ways to help students succeed academically.”

The CAS Associate Director and Supplemental Instruction (SI) coordinator, Susan Saale, was also recognized by the division with the Service Award. The award recognizes a staff member who goes beyond their standard duties to deliver quality service to staff and students. The SI program has an annual reach of about 70,000 students, and Saale and CAS staff have worked to ensure the SI program is staffed with trained student leaders and engaged faculty. This year, the program earned International Certification through the International Center for Supplemental Instruction.

“I was very surprised and honored that the division presented me with this award. I felt like I was just doing what needed to be done to provide the students utilizing our services the best experience possible,” Saale said.

In addition, LSU FYE was awarded the Assessment Award and the Outstanding Graduate Student Award. The department’s mission is to support students’ transition and development through programs and outreach promoting resources, engagement, and campus inclusion. . Through engaging with students, LSU FYE recognizes the impact social media has on college students, and uses social media analytics to create data driven campaigns and social media strategies ensuring optimal impact amongst its audience. Across all of the platforms combined, FYE has a total audience of more than 14,331 people, and has experience a steady growth rate from year to year.

Missy Korduner, LSU FYE Director explained,“Using various social media platforms, such as Facebook and Snapchat and even something as simple as an electronic newsletter, has not only enhanced our outreach with our students, but has also substantially impacted attendance and engagement at our in person programs as well.”

The lead for FYE’s social media program is Lexi Verret, Marketing and Communications Graduate Assistant and a Flores Master of Business Administration (MBA) Marketing Analytics student. Verret received the Outstanding Graduate Student Award for her ability to apply her classroom education to her work at FYE, and making great strides to improve her department.

Verret said, “When I started my assistantship at FYE, I saw social media as a huge opportunity, not only for the unit but as a resource to students. Through social media we’ve been able to connect students to resources, answer their questions and capture their first-year experience all in real- time. Additionally through utilizing the data from our platforms, I’ve been able to create and implement social media strategies and campaigns that feature content that students actually want to see, which has been tremendous for our reach. My ultimate goal for my time at FYE is to lay a foundation for graduate assistants after me to build upon to increase the number of students who not only find success on campus, but find a second-home.”

For more information about LSU CAS and LSU FYE, please visit and LSU CAS and LSU FYE are joined under LSU Student Success, a unit within the LSU Division of Student Affairs.


About LSU Center for Academic Success

The LSU Center for Academic Success (CAS) helps students achieve the higher levels of learning necessary for academic success in college and beyond. CAS offers services such as free tutoring, Supplemental Instruction (SI), Academic Coaching and various academic programs and online services including a Virtual Learning Center. The LSU CAS is internationally recognized for more than 25 years of work in student learning and metacognition, and is one of three university learning centers certified by the National College Learning Center Association.

About LSU First Year Experience

LSU First Year Experience (FYE) provides the resources and support that students need to make their first year a success. FYE offers interactive programming, campus events, and individual sessions for first year, transfer, and veteran students.