Get motivated, stay motivated, avoid distractions, and recover.

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  1. Motivated StudentPrioritize assignments
    Rank assignments from most to least important. Knock out assignments that are most important and have the biggest impact on your grade, while motivation is still strong. Once those are completed you can move onto the smaller and less important ones and breeze through those. Typically, students have the highest level of motivation when they first start their schoolwork, completing the most important assignments first, can help to boost your grade!
  2. Create new techniques to challenge yourself
    If you're bored in the environment that you always do your schoolwork in, and it is causing your motivation to sink, mix it up and challenge yourself to something new! Tired of studying in your dorm? Find a quiet, shaded table on campus to study. Too hot to study outside on campus?  Try out the bookstore, or an area of the union. Change up your routine and increase your motivation! If you always study your homework with the same routine, mix it up and study notes in a different way. Make quizzes for yourself, or speak the information out loud. You can also try and take a walk while studying to keep your body and mind going at the same time!
  3.  Set Realistic Goals
    Break down any large and scary task by putting the information into chunks and setting goals to indicate when you will complete them. If large amounts of work cause your motivation to dwindle, make goals realistic, so that you know you can conquer them in the time allotted! Make sure you are being realistic though; setting goals that are unattainable will just drop that motivation right back down.
    Tip: Use our Weekly Planner to help you lay out all of your classwork before you start to establish your goals. 
  4. Find a Social Support Network
    Find groups of people to surround yourself with that can help you maintain the goals you have set for yourself. Whether they are professors, your friends, your parents, or the staff at the Center for Academic Success. Find people that will help you to stay on track and keep you motivated!
  5. Acknowledge Your Accomplishments
    Treat yourself! Be sure to reward yourself when you complete your goals. Take a long break from studying, go have a nice meal, or even take a walk outside. Just make sure to appreciate yourself for working so hard.

Tips for Avoiding Distractions:

Information based on an article written by Carrington College

  • Identify your distractions and weaknesses, i.e. cellphone, laptop, email, social media. Once you have identified those, be sure to avoid them while doing schoolwork.
  • Minimize outside distractions and noises. Try some noise cancelling headphones and force “Do Not Disturb” or “Airplane mode” to become your best friends.
  • Minimize the time. Do not punish yourself from your phone and computer for too long. Time yourself to study for 30-50 minute increments at a time, at the end of your 30-50 minute study session, allow yourself 5-10 minutes of break time.
  • Make sure when you break to not just stay in your seat looking at your phone or laptop. Grab your phone and go talk a quick walk or go grab a snack!