Jeremiah Shinn

Vice President for Student Affairs

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As a first-generation college student, my collegiate experiences altered my trajectory, shaped my worldview, and changed my understanding of what was possible. More than twenty years later, higher education continues to be my anchor, my passion, and my life's work. It is a privilege to do this work.

In 2019, I was attracted to LSU by the possibility of serving on a team that has a real opportunity to affect positive change in the lives of our students and the state of Louisiana.

Each morning, I walk across campus with a sense of optimism but also with a sense of urgency. I'm invigorated by solving problems and overcoming challenges. I'm committed to rolling up my sleeves every day to help move this institution forward because I believe deeply in the transformational potential of LSU to change lives and improve communities.


I believe LSU students will change the world. My job is to help build the teams, the support structures, and the environment that helps them get there. -Jeremiah

Most underrated campus view

I love walking through the Memorial Oak Grove (behind the LSU Union) the morning after a good rain. 

When I'm not reading

I’ve watched The West Wing, Friday Night Lights, and The Office more times than I can count. I get my sports fix by listening to the Colin Cowherd Podcast. 

Alternate career

If I didn’t work in education, I would love to be the General Manager for an NFL team.


PhD, Eastern Michigan University
AM, University of Michigan
BS, Arkansas Tech University

Contact Jeremiah
LSU Student Union, Fourth Floor

jeremiah with wife and dog


Jeremiah speaking at convocation

Our team in the Division of Student Affairs is committed to ensuring that the 153 hours LSU students spend outside the classroom each week are preparing them for success and achievement when they are inside the classroom. 

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Mindset Matters

Serving LSU students is a privilege. Serving them well requires us to cultivate the mindsets and amplify the attributes that help us create the conditions necessary for their success:

  • We work with a sense of urgency. It’s not always about doing more, but it’s about keeping a pep in our step as we actively identify ways to serve LSU students better tomorrow than we did yesterday.
  • We know that LSU students don’t view us as a collection of departments, but as ONE university committed to their success. We will do our part to ensure a seamless and interconnected LSU experience.
  • We are focused on excellence and continuous improvement. Everything we do is connected to everything else we do. We are strategic, intentional, disciplined, focused, and consistent.

We want to solve problems.
We want to be easy to work with.
We don’t care who gets the credit for good work – as long as LSU students are successful.