Planning Process

LSU is in the process of establishing the structure, governance, and process to enable the Strategic Planning effort. These key areas of planning will be fully inclusive of faculty, staff, and students and will engage key members of the Louisiana and LSU community. The outcomes of this planning effort, over the next six months, will be to clearly define the pathway for LSU to pursue excellence and to achieve the Scholarship First Agenda.

The purpose of the planning process is to build a comprehensive strategic plan that guides and directs the activities of LSU toward the greatest positive impact for Louisiana and the nation, and to enable a world class education and experience for our students. Like our previous planning process, there will be opportunities for additional feedback as our plan takes shape with the campus community. Our approach will be inclusive, transparent, and collaborative. Our vision is aspirational, and we embrace the responsibility of ascending to our full potential. This planning effort will enable the following:

  • Development and articulation of a clear set of institutional values and vision
  • Clear structure, diverse and representative working groups, clear priorities, and shared governance
  • Ensure the setting of clear, measurable, and attainable goals toward excellence
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration, coordination, and innovation:
    • Participate in working groups
    • Respond to surveys
    • Attend discussions and town halls
    • Provide feedback
  • Establish the process, assessment, and discipline to operationalize the plan



Preparation and Survey

"Values and Vision" Leadership Symposium

Mission, Priorities, Goals and Objectives We are here in the process.

Leadership Plan Review

Plan Refinement and Measures

Final System of Plan Approval

Campus Plans Refinement

"Campus Plans Review" Leadership Retreat

*Board of Supervisors updates will occur throughout the process.

How the plan will be measured:

  • The perspectives and contribution of faculty, staff, and students involved in creating it
  • The clarity of thought and prioritization of limited resources
  • The purposeful pursuit of excellence in all areas of the university
  • The meaningful assessment process and the organizational discipline to measure effectiveness toward our identified strategic goals