LSU Media Sweep Policy

The LSU Media Sweep is designed to inform the LSU Administration of what is being said about the university in the news media. It contains news stories, feature stories and op-eds related to LSU that appear in the campus, local, state and national media. It does not include items from broadcast emails, the LSU calendar, campus newsletters or magazines, or other internal notices, as these items are already broadcast to campus through other mediums. The goal of the sweep is to inform university administrators of what is being reported about LSU and its entities in the press.

As of October 1, 2015, the LSU Media Sweep no longer consists of a Word document, but is instead a listing of headlines that can be clicked to take the reader directly to the body of the stories online.

The LSU Division of Strategic Communications works to ensure that all LSU-related news stories are included in the sweep each day. However, if an item of interest has been overlooked, subscribers to the Media Sweep may submit those items to or to request inclusion.

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