Website Brand Guide

LSU’s Brand Identity

A consistent identity is a vital part of our relationship with the public. Simple things like fonts, imagery and colors, when used consistently, make for a stronger brand and add to the public’s ability to identify LSU.

Some of the main gateways for people to the university are through social media and the LSU website. This places a great emphasis on ensuring that all online communications for the university have a cohesive look.

All online communications must adhere to LSU’s Brand Identity Guidelines.

Some basic branding elements to include are:

  • The LSU logo should appear in the masthead of every web page, see Logo Guidelines for colors and sizing requirement.
  • Official LSU colors should be prominently used in the design. If a neutral gray color palette is used for the site; either purple or gold should be incorporated into the color palette as an LSU identifier.
  • Website text should be presented in either black or dark gray on light background and links should be presented in bold face LSU purple (#461D7C). If a dark background is used for pages, links should be presented in bold face LSU gold (#FDD023).