Review Process & Timetable

Project Timetable – Working on your own

Whether you are developing your communication collateral yourself, or working with an external consultant, the Division of Strategic Communications is responsible for the review and oversight of all advertising and reputation defining communication pieces produced by LSU. This applies to print, video and electronic communication. [Policy Statement-10] governs this responsibility and assigns its stewardship to our office. 

Steps for submitting your project

Follow these easy steps to have your work reviewed and approved by Strategic Communications. Please note that if you are working with an external consultant, you, as the LSU employee, are responsible for submitting the project to us for review.

  • Develop your piece/advertisement to the level of being representative of your desired outcome, but not final. (See the timetable below for specifications on what stage we would like to see various project types.)
  • Submit your penultimate design as a PDF to
  • Include the following information in your email along with your attached PDF file:
    • In-market date(s)
    • Audience
    • Intended outcome (ie: recruit students, increase event attendance, promote services, etc.)
  • We will provide either a written approval, or feedback of required or suggested revisions. If revisions are required, they must be made before the piece/advertisement can be released for production. Suggested revisions are for your consideration. You may choose not to implement suggested revisions. If the required revisions are extensive or significant in some way, Strat Comm may require you to resubmit your piece for additional review before providing a written approval.
  • We require 2-3 business days for review of your piece. If the piece is more than 16 pages in length, we require up to two weeks for review.
  • Submit your piece allowing enough time for our review AND enough time for you to make revisions and resubmit if necessary.
  • Upon receipt of approval, your document should not be revised in any way. If revisions beyond those required for approval are made, you must resubmit the revised work.

What we are looking for

The main goal for these reviews is to ensure that LSU is represented in the best possible light when presented to outside audiences, or when presenting reputation defining achievements, events, or opportunities. By addressing the following checklist before sending us your project, you can ensure a speedy and positive approval process.

  • Incorporate the LSU logo and brand colors
  • Follow all [LSU logo brand standards]
  • Follow [LSU Style] for copy
  • Make sure your document is free from spelling and grammatical errors
  • Ensure the graphic design is professional and appropriate for the intended audience

Specific parameters and directions for approval submissions of various project types are outlined in the timetable below. If you have any questions or are looking for information on an atypical project type not listed here, contact your [marketing strategist] as you plan your project and we will advise you on the best way to plan a Strat Comm review into your schedule.

Review Timetables

We answer all reviews as quickly as possible, however, reviews are answered in the order in which they are received. If there are a significant number of review requests ahead of yours in our queue, we may need the full time available to us to respond.

Project Type Specific Directions Time Needed
Advertisements Any advertisement regardless of how it is paid for and whether or not LSU is the main focal point requires review by Strategic Communications. State statute _____ requires all advertising be reviewed… 2-3 business days
Communication to Prospective Students Any communication going to elementary, junior high, or high school students will receive a high level of scrutiny by our office and will be routed to the Office of Enrollment Management for review. We will be looking at the objective of the piece and the timing of when it will be released to students. Please contact your marketing strategist at the planning stage of these projects in order to ensure they are in line with strategies in place for these audiences. 10 business days
Long documents
(12+ pages)
If your document is more than 12 pages in length, please contact your [marketing strategist] for a timeframe for your review. Long documents require extra time which allows us to find a window in our schedule for your review without encroaching on timelines for other projects or reviews already at the top of our queue. 10 business days
Mass email Communication If you are developing a new e-newsletter or some other form of email communication, please send it to reviews in the format that it will be sent to your recipients. For example, if you are sending your newsletter through Constant Contact or Mail Chimp, send us a test email directly from that resource. 2-3 business days
Social Media Accounts Strategic Communications maintains a directory of all LSU social media channels. To be included in this list, colleges, departments and units managing social media accounts should provide Strategic Communications with the following information via email at ___________. NA
Websites If you are creating a website that will live under the domain, but is not hosted in one of our content management solutions, follow the steps outlined above for submitting the site to ________. 2-3 business days
Videos, TV, and radio For the production of videos, television, and radio spots and programming, submit your script to ________. 2-3 business days


Project Timetable – Working with Strategic Communications

Every project is different, so it can be difficult to pin down a hypothetical timeline when there are so many variables. However, over the years of working with clients on various types of projects, we have come up with the following timetables that we use when planning. The timeframes listed below are rough approximations. Projects may take less time than the shortest calculation or more than the longest depending on what’s involved. Most projects fall somewhere in the middle. Specific timeframes are discussed and agreed upon by the client and creative team when a project is officially kicked-off with the initial meeting.

The main variable not outlined here is the length of time you, the client, spend with the proofs. Most clients will keep a proof for anywhere from two to five business days. We recommend taking two days to review and discuss your proof, but we understand that sometimes more time is needed. Please be aware that if you need more time for reviewing your proofs, it will take longer to deliver your finished product.

Step Approximate Time Required by Strat Comm Deliverable Explanation


Approximate Time Required by Strat Comm



Copy writing/Editing

5-10 business days

Complex copy will come to you as a copy proof for review before going to design. For simpler projects, you may see copy and design together at the next stage. In those cases, time for copywriting is combined with the first proof timeframe.

Simple/small scale projects may require less time, and more complex/large scale projects more time. Simple from a copy stand point could mean minor edits on a short amount of copy. More complex could be writing original content based on bullet points, or developing a creative headline or hook for your project. Scale and the level of involvement required by the writer will dictate the amount of time allocated for their work.

First Proof

10-20 business days

2-3 creative concepts showing proposed copy and design directions. Images may be placed for position only to communicate an idea.

The creative directions are figured out at this stage of the project. Timing is discussed on the front end of the project, and we take client needs into consideration before committing longer periods of creative time for your project. If time is a concern, we can discuss options that will allow us to accommodate your needs.

Second Proof

5-10 business days

A single revised proof that is almost complete. Most images will be final, or photo shoots will have been scheduled.

The timeframe at this stage is based on the client revisions to the first proof. If the changes to the first proof are minimal, the revisions can be made quickly and returned to the client as a final proof. If revisions are more extensive this step will take longer.

Final Proof

5-10 business days

A complete proof reflecting all requested changes. All images are final. All copy is final.

This timeframe is used to make any minor revisions requested from the second proof, and to insert final images. If we have client approval with no revisions after the second proof, we skip this step and go onto releasing files to the vendor as outlined below.

Release to vendor

5 business days

A final PDF showing the finished piece is sent to the client for their records when the file is released to the vendor.

At this stage we prepare the files for release to the printer or other vendor. We also do one last quality control review of the entire piece to ensure there are no typos or errors.

Vendor Production

10-20 business days

Published piece delivered.

During this time, the printer produces a color match proof that is reviewed by Strat Comm. Once approved, print production begins. Complexity of the print and assembly aspects of the piece determine the length of time required by the vendor.