Our consistent use of a set of common typefaces across the campus is an easy and effective way to complement and elevate the LSU brand. Meta is our main display font used to reflect the administration and structure that composes the campus. It has a modern look with old style characters, and angles that work well with the LSU Geaux word mark. This font reflects both a deep heritage and progressive outlook. Arial is a clean sans-serif font ideal for use in body copy or headlines and is widely available for free. Garamond is a classic serif font that can also be used as body copy or a headline, and is well suited for uses where a more traditional approach is required.


LSU Strategic Communications has 400 licenses for Meta available to LSU communications staff working on behalf of LSU. Vendors and non-communications staff may purchase Meta here.

Meta Book

Meta Book Type Sample

Meta Bold

Meta Bold Type Sample


Arial or Arial Narrow

Arial or Arial Narrow may be installed on your computer with the Microsoft Office suite if you choose to install the fonts when installing the software. You may also purchase Arial here.

Arial Regular

alphabet typeset in Arial Regular

Arial Bold

alphabet typeset in Arial Bold


Other Commonly Used Typefaces

There are many typeface options on your computer and many more available online. Here are some fonts that you may see in various contexts across campus.


Museo is a font commonly used on undergraduate recruiting materials. The version of Museo used is available for purchase here.


Roboto is the Google web font used by LSU in its content management system. It is available for free download here.


Whitney is used on our campus signage. The font can be purchased here. Please note: is important to contact LSU Division of Strategic Communications or the LSU Office of Facility Services in order to design, plan, or place temporary or permanent signage on campus.