LSU Colors

The LSU colors truly illustrate the essence of the LSU brand. Purple represents the passion, spirit and culture of the LSU community and its roots in Louisiana, while gold stands for the excellence, produced by that passion and demonstrated at every level of academics and athletics. These colors are banners for LSU dating as far back as 1893, yet they still resonate today.

Brand Colors 

The colors listed below are the official colors for LSU and are the only colors in which the LSU logo may appear.



LSU Purple



    Pantone Coated: PMS 268C
    Pantone Uncoated: PMS 268U
    CMYK: C-82 M-98 Y-0 K-12


    RGB: R-70 G-29 B-124
    HEX: #461D7C



LSU Gold



    Pantone Coated: PMS 123C
    Pantone Uncoated: PMS 115U
    CMYK: C-0 M-19 Y-89 K-0


    RGB: R-253 G-208 B-35
    HEX: #FDD023






    Pantone Coated: Process Black
    Pantone Uncoated: Process Black
    CMYK: C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-100


    RGB: R-0 G-0 B-0
    Hex: #000000

50% Gray



    Pantone Coated: PMS Cool Gray 8C
    Pantone Uncoated: PMS Cool Gray 8U
    CMYK: C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-50


    RGB: R-153 G-153 B-153
    Hex: #999999


Corporate Colors

The purpose of the LSU corporate color palette is to accommodate a need across campus to achieve a less athletic look that is still compliant with the LSU brand. These colors may be used as background or accent colors for print, web or collateral pieces developed for your unit. The corporate colors should never be used in any of the LSU logos as a replacement for the official LSU Purple and LSU Gold listed above. If you have any questions about the appropriate application of the corporate colors, please email and attach a sample of your design.



Corporate Purple



    Pantone Coated: PMS 2627C
    Pantone Uncoated: PMS 269U
    CMYK: C-85 M-100 Y-6 K-38


    RGB: R-60 G-16 B-83
    Hex: #3C1053

Corporate Gold



    Pantone Coated: PMS 7555C
    Pantone Uncoated: PMS 7555U
    CMYK: C-0 M-28 Y-98 K-11


    RGB: R-210 G-159 B-19
    Hex: #D29F13


Print Only

The following specifications are the color matched products we recommend for foil stamping and printing a metallic gold on LSU branded print materials. Please be sure to provide these specifications or send this link to your print vendor.

Purple Foil: Crown 61216

Gold Foil: API California Gold or Crown 410

LSU Metallic Gold: Pantone Coated 872