Logo Usage Guide

These guidelines were developed to assist all campus units and external consultants with the proper application of the LSU logo in order to elevate and amplify the LSU brand. The rules apply to the LSU logo in all applications, including when it is used as part of the LSU signature system.


The LSU logo is primary for campus communication pieces.

The LSU logo must appear as the dominant mark on the front of all publications and websites representing any entity within the Louisiana State University organizational structure.

The LSU logo should never appear smaller than 1 inch in width. The LSU logo with the accompanying full name should never appear smaller than 1.5 inches in width.


The logo has a limited color palette.

The LSU logo may only appear in the following approved LSU colors: purple, gold, black, white, and gray. The logo must appear using 100 percent full saturation of the official colors. Tinting is not allowed.

LSU Logo Colors Illustration


Do not crowd the logo.

There must be a protected area surrounding the logo. This ensures that no other graphic elements interfere with the clarity and integrity of the LSU letters.

diagram showing area around logo that must be left clear.
The dotted line shows the protected area around the primary logo (where x = the height of the “S” in the LSU logo).

Never "edit" the logo.

Placing anything in front of, adding a stroke or outline to, or adding gradients, patterns or effects to any official LSU logos is prohibited.

LSU logo drop shadow don't.

LSU logo gradient don't.

LSU logo outline don't.


The logo is not enclosed in a box.

Borders, boxes, or shapes may not be placed around or behind the LSU logo, including a white box.

LSU logo box don't.


LSU stands alone.

The LSU logo may not be combined with other graphic marks or logos to create a [sub-brand.]

LSU used to create a new logo DONT

LSU is an abbreviation.

When producing communication materials for international audiences or other audiences that may not be familiar with what the letters "LSU" stand for, always use the LSU logo with the full university name (Louisiana State University) in support of the abbreviation.


The LSU Seal

Usage of the university seal is governed by a Board of Supervisors resolution, dated December 15, 1978, stating that the seal must be used on the following official documents:

  • diplomas and certificates evidencing completion of degree requirements and/or courses of study;
  • all transcripts of grades earned by those completing course work;
  • all contracts and documents that require the signature of the president of the LSU Administration involving the purchasing, selling, or leasing of land or facilities the Board of Supervisors, if such documents or contracts require a seal.


Guidelines are subject to change at the sole discretion of LSU and without notice.  Please visit lsu.edu/stratcomm for up-to-date LSU visual identity guidelines.