Student Sustainability Fee

In Spring 2016, the LSU student body voted to establish a Sustainability Fund to be used for projects related to sustainability, which will be proposed by students, faculty and staff. The fee is $2.00/semester for the Fall and Spring, and $1.00 in Summer. The fee will go into effect in Fall 2016, and a committee will be formed soon to manage the fund and review and approve project ideas and proposals. 

Submit a Sustainability Proposal

Facilities Access Fee

Beginning in Fall 2002, Students contribute $3.50 each semester - matched by the President's Office - to ensure our campus reaches compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

Light Walk & Safety Walk

Each year, LSU Student Government members walk around campus to identify areas that are not well lit or that may cause a hazard to a student. The walks are compiled into a report to Facility Services who turn the recommendations into priority campus projects.