Funding Sources at LSU 

Registered student organizations have the opportunity to apply for supplemental funding from two main sources, including the Organizations Relief Fund (ORF) and the Programming, Support & Initiatives Fund (PSIF). Student organizations can also get funding from the LSU Student Senate if they are not eligible for ORF or PSIF. Campus departments can also apply for funding from Student Senate.

In our continued efforts to improve transparency between students and SG, we are happy to publish the Fall 2016 Student Government Spending Report.  The report contains how student fees were spent by SG throughout the semester in the form of funds awarded to student organizations through PSIF and ORF, as well as spending by the Student Senate and Executive Branch.

In order to apply for the PSIF, ORF or Senate funding, complete the Student Organization Funding request below.


As a precationary measure, all PSIF/ORF meetings have been cancelled for the remainder of the Spring semester. 

Programming, Support & Initiatives Fee (PSIF)

PSIF is a student fee allocated to new student organizations, organizations hosting conferences on campus, sport clubs and organizations who host late-night programs for students.

2020 Spring PSIF Schedule meetings
Date Time Location
1/23/2020 6 p.m. 452 Student Union (Tchoupitoulas Room)
2/06/2020 6 p.m 452 Student Union (Tchoupitoulas Room)
2/20/2020 6 p.m. 452 Student Union (Tchoupitoulas Room)
3/05/2020 6 p.m. 452 Student Union (Tchoupitoulas Room)


Organizations Relief Fund (ORF)

The Organizations Relief Fund (ORF) provides travel funds to registered student organizations representing LSU at professional conferences and tournaments.

2020 Spring ORF Schedule meetings

Date  Time  Location
 1/22/2020       3.:30 p.m.   452 Student Union (Tchoupitoulas Room)
 2/05/2020 3:30 p.m.  452 Student Union (Tchoupitoulas Room)
 2/19/2020 3:30 p.m.  452 Student Union (Tchoupitoulas Room)
 3/04/2020 3:30 p.m.  452 Student Union (Tchoupitoulas Room)

Student Senate

Student Senate remains a source of funding pending denial of funding from the PSIF or ORF committee. You/your organizations should pursue funding through ORF/PSIF before contacting Student Senate.