Chemical Biology Seminar

Chemical Biology seminars are hosted by Dr. Mario Rivera at 11 a.m. on Fridays via Zoom until further notice

Fall 2020 Schedule

Date Speaker Credentials/Advisor Title
9/18/2020 Megan Macnaughtan Chemistry, LSU

"Exploring drug screening for Chlamydia trachomatis, Scc4"

9/25/2020 Mario Rivera Chemistry, LSU

“Validating bacterial iron homeostasis as target for antibiotic discovery”

10/02/2020 Scott Lovell Protein Structure Core Lab, Univ. of Kansas “Structural biology in drug discovery: Development of protein:protein interaction and viral protease inhibitors”
10/09/2020 Amy Xu Chemistry, LSU "Characterizing the macromolecular interactions between proteins and polysaccharides in dense liquid phase"
10/16/2020 Adam Melvin Chem. Engineering, LSU “Degron-based substrates – A novel toolkit for biosensing and targeted inhibition”
10/23/2020 Jorge Belgodere Bio. & Ag. Engineering, LSU "Incorporation of Lignin in Natural and Synthetic Biomaterials to Alter Mechanical and Biochemical Properties for Enhanced Wound Healing"
10/30/2020 Fatima Rivas Chemistry, LSU "Targeting breast cancer with a molecular trojan horse"
11/06/2020 Lisa Morici Microbio. & Immun.,Tulane Medicine "New approaches to combat the antimicrobial resistance crisis: it takes a village"
11/13/2020 Victor Garcia-Lopez Chemistry, LSU "Light-activated molecular machines modulate plasma membrane organization and dynamics"
11/20/2020 David Vinyard Biological Sciences, LSU


12/04/2020 Fatima Rivas Chemistry, LSU “Targeting the VCP/ANKZF1 complex with endoperoxide natural products”
12/11/2020 Philip Jung Biol. & Ag. Engineering, LSU "Engineering laminin globular domains for accelerated cardiomyocyte proliferation"
12/18/2020 Yongchan Kwon Biol. & Ag.Engineering, LSU "Cell-free system for future biomanufacturing and synthetic biology"

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