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Name Rank Phone Email
Barry Aronhime Instructor 225-578‐9082 baronh1@lsu.edu
Christopher C. Austin

John S. McIlhenny Distinguished Professorship & Director, LSU Museum of Natural Science

225-578-2841 ccaustin@lsu.edu
John R. Battista Mary Lou Applewhite Professor 225-578-2810 jbattis@lsu.edu
Mark A. Batzer Boyd Professor & Dr. Mary Lou Applewhite Distinguished Professor 225-578-7102 mbatzer@lsu.edu
Nabanita Bhattacharyya Instructor 225-578-5223 nbhatt3@lsu.edu  
K. Adam Bohnert Assistant Professor  225-578-3204 bohnerta@lsu.edu
Leaf Boswell Instructor 225-578-0359 lboswe1@lsu.edu
Terry M. Bricker Moreland Family Professor 225-578-1555 btbric@lsu.edu
Ginger Brininstool Instructor 225-578‐4089 gbrinin@lsu.edu
Jeremy M. Brown Associate Professor 225-578-1745 jembrown@lsu.edu
Robb T. Brumfield Roy Paul Daniels Professor 225-578-3081 robb@lsu.edu
Michal Brylinski Associate Professor 225-578-2791 mbrylinski@lsu.edu
David Burk Associate Professor- Research 225-578-8246 david.burk@pbrc.edu
Prosanta Chakrabarty Professor 225-578-3079 prosanta@lsu.edu
SeYeon Chung Assistant Professor 225-578-7101 seyeonchung@lsu.edu
Stephania Cormier Wiener Chair and Professor 225-578-9437 stephaniacormier@lsu.edu 
James T. Cronin George C. Kent Professorship in Life Sciences #3 225-578-7218 jcronin@lsu.edu
Scott Crousillac Instructor 225-578‐1754 scrous1@lsu.edu
Tad Dallas Assistant Professor 225-578-1740 tadallas@lsu.edu 
Maheshi Dassanayake Associate Professor 225-578-0960 maheshid@lsu.edu
Patrick J. DiMario Professor 225-578-1512 pdimari@lsu.edu
Huangen Ding Professor 225-578-4797 hding@lsu.edu
William T. Doerrler Associate Professor 225-578-7904 wdoerr@lsu.edu
David Donze Professor 225-578-7391 ddonze@lsu.edu
Jessica Eberhard Assistant Professor - Research 225-578-0068 eberhard@lsu.edu
Bret D. Elderd Professor 225-578-6733 elderd@lsu.edu 
Jake Esselstyn Associate Professor 225-578-3083 esselstyn@lsu.edu
Brant C. Faircloth Associate Professor 225-578-1006 brant@lsu.edu
Fernando Galvez Associate Professor 225-578-0599 galvezf@lsu.edu
Evanna Gleason Professor and Department Chair 225-578-1748 egleaso@lsu.edu
Christopher Gregg Senior Instructor 225-578‐8542 cgregg2@lsu.edu
Anne Grove Gregory Cannaday Burns Professor 225-578-5148 agrove@lsu.edu
Juhee Haam Assistant Professor coming soon January 2021
Hollie Hale-Donze Instructor 225-578-7192 hdonze@lsu.edu
Steven C. Hand Ron and Mary Neal Professor 225-578-5144 shand@lsu.edu
Kyle E. Harms Professor 225-578-7566 kharms@lsu.edu
Craig M. Hart Professor 225-578-7389 chart4@lsu.edu
Michael E. Hellberg Associate Professor 225-578-1757 mhellbe@lsu.edu
Dominique G. Homberger Alumni Professor 225-578-1747 zodhomb@lsu.edu
Adam Hrincevich Senior Instructor 225-578‐7261 zohrin@lsu.edu
Alyssa Johnson Assistant Professor  225-578-7228  johnsona@lsu.edu
Naohiro Kato Associate Professor 225-578-2004 kato@lsu.edu
Morgan Kelly Assistant Professor 225-578-0224 morgankelly@lsu.edu
Joomyeong ‘Joo’ Kim Russell Thompson, Jr. Family Professor 225-578-7692 jkim@lsu.edu
Gary M. King Professor 225-578-1901 gking@lsu.edu
Laura Lagomarsino Assistant Professor 225-578-8555 llagomarsino1@lsu.edu
Roger A. Laine Professor 225-268-3052(C) rogerlaine@gmail.com
John C. Larkin Professor 225-578-8552 jlarkin@lsu.edu
Christine Lattin Assistant Professor 225-578-6203 christinelattin@lsu.edu 
Yong-Hwan Lee Associate Professor 225-578-0522 yhlee@lsu.edu
Daijiang Li Assistant Professor coming soon coming soon
Vince J. LiCata Louis S. Flowers Professor 225-578-5233 licata@lsu.edu
Rui (Ray) Lu Associate Professor 225-578-7962 ruilu@lsu.edu
Bing-Hao Luo Associate Professor 225-578‐7741 luo@lsu.edu
Karen P. Maruska Associate Professor 225-578-1738 kmaruska@lsu.edu
Nicholas A. Mason Assistant Professor 225-578-3078 mason@lsu.edu 
Sarah Mathews Shirley C. Tucker Chair in Plant Systematics Professor 225-578-0761 sarahmathews@lsu.edu 
Molly McCoy Senior Instructor 225-578‐5525 mmccoy@lsu.edu
James V. Moroney Streva Alumni Professor 225-578‐8561 btmoro@lsu.edu
Patricia Moroney Instructor 225-578‐1769 pmorone@lsu.edu
Marcia Newcomer George C. Kent Professor 225-578-7383 newcomer@lsu.edu
Khoa Nguyen Instructor 225-578-8283 knguy37@lsu.edu
Dong-Ha Oh Assistant Professor - Research 225-578-4918 ohdongha@lsu.edu
Svitlana Pakhomova Assistant Professor - Research 225-578‐7385 sveta@lsu.edu
LaToya Paul Instructor 225-578-0359 ltpaul@lsu.edu
Cynthia Peterson Dean & Seola Arnaud & Richard V. Edwards, Jr. Professor 225-578‐8557 cbpeterson@lsu.edu
Gregg S. Pettis Associate Professor 225-578‐2798 gpettis@lsu.edu
William J. Platt III Professor 225-578-6586 btplat@lsu.edu
Steven M. Pomarico Senior Instructor 225-578‐8785 spomari@lsu.edu
Arthur Porto Assistant Professor Coming 1/2021 coming soon 
Jane Reiland Instructor 225-578‐2792 jreiland@lsu.edu
Johnna Roose Instructor 225-578-8191 jroose@lsu.edu
Frederick H. Sheldon George H. Lowery, Jr. Professorship 225-578-2887 fsheld@lsu.edu
Joseph F. Siebenaller Professor 225-578-2601 zojose@lsu.edu
Aaron P. Smith Associate Professor 225-578-7643 apsmith@lsu.edu
Paul F. South Assistant Professor  225-578-8210 pfsouth@lsu.edu 
Jacqueline Stephens Professor 225-578-1749 jsteph1@lsu.edu
Jiaqi Tan Assistant Professor coming soon jtan7@lsu.edu 
Ryoichi Teruyama Associate Professor 225-578-4623 rteruyama@lsu.edu
Brooke Trabona Instructor 225-578‐8122  btrabona@lsu.edu 
David J. Vinyard Assistant Professor 225-578-0958 dvinyard@lsu.edu
Anastasios Vourekas Assistant Professor 225-578-1737 avourekas@lsu.edu
Grover L. Waldrop Professor 225-578‐5209 gwaldro@lsu.edu
E. William Wischusen Associate Professor 225-578‐0860



In the Department of Biological Sciences, we strive to build a strong scientific community by providing a welcoming educational and research environment for all who share our passion for understanding how living things work. We recognize that there is work to be done, and commit ourselves to building a more diverse, more inclusive, and more equitable community.