First-year Students - Room & Roommate Selection | LSU Residential Life

First-year Housing Timeline

First-year students are expected to live on campus so every student can benefit from the advantages of the on-campus experience. Students who live on campus consistently have higher GPAs, are more likely to return to LSU for their second year (retention rate), have higher graduation rates, and have more opportunities to become part of the LSU community.

1. Submit Housing Contract or Request Housing Exemption

 *It takes one business day after submitting the enrollment deposit to gain access to the housing portal in myLSU. 

2. Indicate Preferred Housing Type

  • When you submit your contract, you indicate if you prefer to live in a traditional res hall or in an academic community in a residential college.
  • You will not actually select your res hall or room at this point, only indicate your preferred type of housing. 

3. Search for and Accept Roommate Requests

  • Use the Roommate Finder service in the housing portal to see students who may be good matches to you based on a short survey about likes, preferences, lifestyles, etc. Residential Life does not use this information to match you with roommates. 
  • Only the people listed in your roommate group will show as potential roommates/suitemates during room selection. Make sure you have your roommate group set up before room selection so you can select a room together. Being in a roommate group does not guarantee you will live together.
    • You can only be roommates with people who are living in the same type of housing. For example, if you are accepted into the Engineering Res College, you will only see roommates who are also in the Engineering Res College. Honors House residents may requests non-Honors roommates, called Honors Buddies, as space is available. 
    • If you request to change your housing preference, the potential roommates you see may change.
  • All roommate requests must be mutual to be honored. While we do our best to accommodate preferences, not all roommate requests can be honored.


4. Get Your Room Assignment 

6-19-2020 Update: We are opting to keep room self-selection closed in the housing portal. It will not reopen June 22, 2020, as we previously communicated. Our team can manage the room assignment process more efficiently and get you into a preferred room sooner than if we left the self-selection option available through June. Let us organize available rooms and you can enjoy the summer without checking for rooms every day! 

  • You will receive a Room Selection Time Slot (a day and time in May or June) to log in to the online housing portal and select your actual room and building.
  • Compare your time slot with your roommate group. See who has the earliest time slot, and make that person the group leader so he/she can select your room or suite as early as possible. 
  • Email our team at if you need to change your housing preference. It will take about 48-hours for your time slot to update in myLSU, and possibly longer if you have to be approved by a residential college first.
  • If you need to change your housing assignment after selecting a room, please email with your request. 

5. Check Your Status and Join Wait List for Preferred Building(s) 

  • View the most up to date information about your room, roommate, room selection time slot and wait lists on the "My Details" page in the housing portal.
  • If you don't get into your top choices of buildings, you can tell us what building(s) you would prefer to live in by signing up on the housing waitlist starting June 29, 2020, at 10 a.m. CST. We will use this information to move you into a preferred space throughout the summer. There is no guarantee you’ll end up in your top choices, but we will do our best! 
  • If you change your mind about your preferences, email us so we can remove you from the waitlist or adjust your building preferences. 


6. If Necessary, Cancel Housing Contract