About Us

LSU Residential Life provides meaningful living-learning experiences in clean, safe, sustainable, and student-focused facilities that support personal development, academic success, and the quality LSU undergraduate programs and the first-year experience. From orientation to graduation, there is a campus home for every student.

Students who live on campus consistently have higher GPAs, have a higher percentage of students that return to LSU for their second year (retention rate), have higher graduation rates, and have more opportunities to become part of the LSU community.

The on-campus experience gives 8,000 students the best of both worlds – a supportive environment to grow personally and academically along with enjoying the convenience and majesty of living among LSU’s stately oaks and broad magnolias.


Provide dynamic student-focused learning communities that support development and academic success in clean, safe, and sustainable facilities that meet the needs of the campus community.



Be a premier residential life program that embodies the highest standards of campus housing



Community – Create spaces for residents to be connected, comfortable, and empowered through a transformational experience

Courage – Exhibit confidence and tenacity to make bold decisions despite challenges or difficulties and accept full responsibility for the outcomes

Inclusivity – Establish a respectful community that seeks multiple perspectives and embraces individual differences

Integrity – Abide by the highest standards of our profession to instill trust with community members by creating an environment of mutual respect, openness, and truthfulness

Stewardship – Utilize resources responsibly and creatively to benefit present and future members of the community

Teamwork – Collaborate to achieve common goals through communication, commitment, and support



Assessment of our performance as a department is achieved through a number of mechanisms including an annual resident satisfaction survey through Skyfactor Inc., internal surveys, statistical reports, and data collected through both qualitative and quantitative research. The collection/reporting methods used have been categorized according to the departmental strategic plan, which centers around five main goals and targeted performance indicators within those goals: Learning, Communication, Sustainability, Development, and Improvement.