IRB Members

Members of the Institutional Review Board

Name Department Phone
Dennis Landin, PhD* School of Kinesiology 578-2916
Alex S. Cohen, PhD** Department of Psychology 578-4095
Catherine Champagne, PhD Pennington Biomedical Research Center 763-2553
Kristin Gansle, PhD School of Education 578-7213
Paula Geiselman, PhD Psychology Department, Pennington Biomedical Research Center 763-2695
Frank Greenway, MD Pennington Biomedical Research Center 763-2576
Andrew Hundley
Alternate for Keith Nordyke
 Louisiana Parole Project  
Michael Keenan, PhD School of Nutrition & Food Sciences 578-1708
Robert C. Mathews, PhD Department of Psychology 578-7792 
Robert J. Kenney, MD*** Medical Director, Quality & Patient Safety, Baton Rouge General
Tulane University School of Medicine
Keith Nordyke*** Prisoner Representative
Nordyke & Greenfield, LLC
Amy Copeland, PhD
Alternate for Alex Cohen
Department of Psychology 578-4117
Paul Mooney, PhD
Alternate for Kristin Gansle
School of Education 578-2360

* - Chairperson
** - Associate Chairperson
*** - Community Members

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