Office of Research Advancement

The LSU Office of Research Advancement (ORA), a unit of the Office of Research & Economic Development, was developed to create a supportive environment for emerging multidisciplinary initiatives; facilitate research collaboration with local, national, and international partners; promote research initiatives within the seven focal areas identified in the ORED Strategic Plan; and enable partnerships with industry, state agencies, and other stakeholders.


To support implementation of the ORED Strategic Plan through a variety of proactive and capacity-building activities designed to attract extramural research funding and increase institutional competitiveness.

  • Support strategic planning to nurture critical multidisciplinary initiatives such as research centers and institutes throughout the institutional research enterprise

  • Initiate and nurture key partnerships and alliances among faculty, between institutions, and with external not-for-profit and for-profit stakeholders

  • Facilitate catalytic research events such as targeted workshops, conferences and training sessions and facilitate hosting high-profile guest speakers

  • Manage ORED-initiated intramural research programs and coordinate limited grant submissions to external funding agencies

  • Work to identify opportunities and external funding sources that align with institutional priorities and faculty research strengths that have the potential to add visibility or impact to the university.

Proposal Development

The Office of Research & Economic Development is committed to nurturing and supporting high impact, interdisciplinary and large-scale research and instruction programs at LSU. As part of this mission, ORED will provide administrative and technical support for the development and submission of major grant proposals seeking funding for research and instruction activities that are in keeping with the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan and the LSU Flagship 2020 Agenda.


Proposal development support is currently limited to high impact proposals that could substantially increase the LSU research portfolio, enhance research infrastructure, and enable multidisciplinary teams to work on important societal problems.

Proposal Services

For large-scale efforts, a timeline of 6-9 months is recommended, as this will also allow time for additional internal/external review prior to submission. ORA Staff is available to assist PIs throughout the proposal development process and can provide the following forms of assistance:


  • Create and maintain a contact list of collaborators working on the proposal schedule and attend planning meetings, create and distribute agendas and action items as needed
  • Draft a project timeline for the team with target dates for each phase of the proposal development process
  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of the RFP and sponsor guidelines
  • Create budgets and budget justifications and liaison with external collaborators to obtain budgets and institutional commitments
  • Draft letters of commitment/support as needed, collect biosketches, facilities and resources information, etc.
  • Complete proposal forms and obtain institutional signatures and approvals
  • Work closely with ORED senior administrators to ensure timely execution of each project.


  • Provide basic style guidelines for the creation of all portions of the proposal, including citation methods
  • Create a file naming and track changes system to help track versions of proposal documents
  • Edit all documents for flow, sentence structure, syntax, grammar, and style
  • Ensure that all cross references are accurate throughout the document
  • Format and paginate document, create table of contents, check bibliography and notation for consistency and correctness
  • Make available templates and sample formatting as requested for the creation of all proposal documents
  • Review proposal to ensure it meets all preparation guidelines

Request Support

To request the support of this office, please complete the Proposal Development Request Form. All requests will be evaluated by ORED senior leadership. Factors for consideration will include allotted time for proposal development, qualifications of the PI, the long-term benefits to the university, and distribution of ORED support across all focal areas. (Recipients of ORED Major Proposal Planning Grants are automatically eligible to receive proposal development support. No additional documentation is required.)

Direct all general inquiries to


Download the following form to request proposal development support

Proposal Development Request Form