Visitor Parking

A visitor to campus is defined as a person who is not affiliated with the University as an employee or student. This definition excludes those persons, including spouses and family members, who operate a vehicle on campus for the benefit or convenience of an employee or a student. For a nominal fee, parking on campus is available to visitors. Most visitor spaces on campus are located near the center of campus near the Welcome Center, Thomas Boyd Hall and The Club. Additional visitor parking is available on floors 2-4 of the Union Square Garage, Ag Center Lot, Touchdown Village West Lot, South Stadium Lot and West Stadium Lot.

The metered parking on campus is primarily suggested for visitors. All metered spaces are in effect and should be paid from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., weekdays. The cost for metered parking is $1.50 per hour. Metered spaces are numbered. When parking, note your space number and pay at any designated pay station. Contact Parking Dispatch at 225-578-5002 if assistance is required. 

A visitor who receives a ticket is asked to comply with the instructions on the back of the ticket. Unregistered citations are the only tickets that will be accepted as a visitor appeal. All other violations will stand and must have a formal appeal filed if a visitor believes he or she should not have received this type of citation. See the Appeals Form to file a formal appeal.