Contractor Permits

Contractor Permits

contractor parking

Map of the South Levee Lot on Gourrier Ave. at River Road 

Contractors Permit Policy 

Parking and Transportation Services authorizes the use of campus parking lots for contractors and construction workers to include the following: 

  • South Levee Lot located on Gourrier Ave at River Road at no cost
  • Within a predefined staging area, usually fenced, at the worksite. Fees may apply for access credential required to access fenced/staging area to be paid with check, cash, money order  or credit/debit card w/a 2.5% processing fee
  • Additional parking spaces may be allocated, if available, outside of the fenced/staging area in zoned lots at the current permit rates.

Permit Purchase Request Form

Contractors requesting to purchase a permit must officially submit a Contractor Permit Request Form.

For questions regarding this policy, please contact Parking & Transportation Services at (225) 578-5020 or email