LSU Museum of Natural Science featured in August Edition of Birding Magazine

09/05/2014 02:49 PM

BATON ROUGE – The excitement of LSU Big Day Peru and the scholarly work of ornithologists in the LSU Museum of Natural Science are highlighted in the August edition of “Birding,” a publication of the American Birding Association.

The feature, “Peru World Big Day: Birding for Science, Fun, and Conservation,” speaks to the museum’s “remarkable scientific tradition” dating back to the 1960’s when the then named Museum of Zoology was deemed the “cradle of a renaissance in Neotropical field ornithology,” due in part to the groundbreaking discoveries of renown LSU ornithologist John O’Neill.

The feature’s author, Gregg Gorton, recounts a number of the museum’s historical discoveries and the many noted ornithologists and birders who have contributed to the growth of LSU’s ornithology program, which has maintained a stellar reputation for its ornithological research in the tropics and houses one of the world’s premier graduate programs for bird study.

The article also focuses on a new crop of rising ornithologists following in the footsteps of O’Neill and others who are leaving a significant footprint in the realm of neotropical ornithology. In October, a birding team comprised of LSU graduate students will trace a pathway from the north-central Peruvian Andes downslope toward the lowland jungle to the east as part of LSU Big Day Peru, a birding event and fundraiser to support biological diversity research in the LSU Museum of Natural Science.

The group will attempt to break the world Big Day record by identifying more than 331 species of bird in 24 hours. The team took top honors in the international Birding Rally Challenge in Peru and holds the Louisiana State Big Day record of 222 species identified.

Big Day Peru is slated for Oct. 16. To give to LSU Big Day, visit Bird enthusiasts can also follow the team’s adventure in Peru on Twitter at or on Facebook at  Search #LSUBigDayPeru.

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Dawn  Jenkins 
LSU College of Science

Posted on Friday, September 5, 2014