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Graduate students, especially those on the professional track in the master’s degree, are encouraged to work an internship while in the program. You can earn up to 3 credits for a graduate internship (MC 8001), and it will count as an elective.  

To find an internship, you can use the Manship School’s internship database, you can scour the web, reach out to faculty and other professional contacts, including the school’s internship coordinator, and talk to professionals who are guest lecturers in classes or at Manship events.

To register for a graduate internship (MC 8001), you must complete a Permission of Instructor form that includes a brief description of the internship and your research component (see below), and you must complete the School’s internship questionnaire: Click here to log on to MYLSU and access the questionnaire. On the Dashboard you will be linked through MYLSU; fill in the information required. Your completed application will be routed to the appropriate area head (journalism, PR, digital advertising or political communication), who will contact your internship employer or supervisor to verify the job description. When the internship is approved, the information is sent to our counselor who will register you for MC 8001. Once it appears on your schedule, you should follow up with the area head. 


Research Component

All graduate internships require a research component in order to justify graduate credit. This is usually a brief research project of some kind, not a major research paper. You and the area head will agree on the details of the research project before you are registered for MC 8001. The Associate Dean for Graduate Studies must also approve your internship and research component. You do this by completing the Permission of Instructor form at the same time you register with the database. Your description of the research component must be included on the Permission of Instructor form. 


For-Credit Internship Expectations

  • Must complete 240 hours of internship work. This usually means 15 hours per week during fall and spring semesters; 28 hours during summer. Your internship supervisor is required to certify this amount of work.
  • Must register for the internship through the online internship system by the last day to add courses for that semester.
  • Must complete midterm and final evaluations online. Must complete and submit the research project as approved by your area head.