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You have an admiration for the great thinkers throughout human history who defined their times and left behind legacies for future generations. 

About Philosophy 

Philosophy will allow you to stretch your mind and imagination by examining some of the most difficult problems of human existence. By building analytical skills related to meaning, value, and argumentation, you will be equipped for a surprising range of opportunities in fields such as linguistics, computer science, medical ethics, or law.

Possible Careers

  • College administrator
  • Corporate manager
  • Diplomat
  • Economic and community development manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Foreign affairs analyst
  • Humanitarian services coordinator
  • Lawyer
  • Professor
  • Public policy analyst 

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Senior College

College of Humanities & Social Sciences


B.A., Bachelor of Arts

Course Load by Subject Area

  • Electives: High Intensity
  • Communication: Medium Intensity
  • Foreign Language: Medium Intensity
  • Social Studies: Medium Intensity

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