State of Louisiana OTS Policies, Standards, and Bulletins

State of Louisiana Office of Technology Services (OTS)

OTS Policies

Under the authority of Act 712 of the 2014 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature, it is the intent of the Office of Technology Services to develop formal I.T. policies relative to information technology activities including but not limited to the following:

  1. Implementing of I.T. standards for hardware, software, and consolidation of services.
  2. Reviewing and coordinating I.T. planning, procurement and budgeting.
  3. Providing oversight for centralization/consolidation of technology initiatives and the sharing of I.T. resources.
  4. Assuring compatibility and connectivity of Louisiana's information systems.
  5. Providing oversight on I.T. projects and systems for compliance with statewide strategies, goals, and standards.

Management/Governance Policies

IT_POL_0-02 Enterprise Shared Services
IT_POL_0-04 Enterprise Governance

Security Policies

Information Security Policy

*LEGACY*  IT_POL_1-00 Enterprise Security
*LEGACY*  IT_POL_1-02 Infosec Committee
*LEGACY*  IT_POL_1-04 Data Sanitization
*LEGACY*  IT_POL_1-08 Authentication
*LEGACY*  IT_POL_1-10 Authorized Access
*LEGACY*  IT_POL_1-12 Simultaneous Connections
*LEGACY*  IT_POL_1-14 Antivirus
*LEGACY*  IT_POL_1-16 Disaster Recovery
*LEGACY*  IT_POL_1-18 Remote Access
*LEGACY*  IT_POL_1-20 Acceptable Use
*LEGACY*  IT_POL_1-22 Data in Transit
*LEGACY*  IT_POL_1-24 Smartphones
LEGACT*  IT_POL_1-26 Data Classification

Computing Infrastructure Policies

IT_POL_5-02 Enterprise Data Centers

General Policies

IT_POL_004 Louisiana Secure Intranet and IP Addressing
IT_POL_005 Desktop Management
IT_POL_007 Retention of Imaged Records

OTS Bulletins

Bulletins provide official updates from Office of Technology Services (OTS). 

OTS Standards

Standards help state agencies develop technically compatible systems using a consistent approach and promote migration to enterprise solutions with known complexity and support. Learn about the Policy and Standard Numbering System

Personal Computing Standards

IT STD-005 Web Browser/Viewer/Plug-ins
IT STD 6-01 Desktop Configuration
IT STD 6-02 Desktop Operating System (12/2011)
IT STD 6-03 Office Suite (12/2011)
GUIDELINES: PC and Printer IT Request and Budgeting Guidelines

Enterprise Application Standards

IT STD-003 Electronic Messaging (e-Mail)

Enterprise System Standards

IT STD-006 Network Operating System
IT STD 7-01 Geographic Information System (GIS) Product Standard

Network Standards

IT STD-004 Protocol
IT STD-015 Public Web Site Domain Name

Security Standards
IT_STD_1-17 Data Sanitization