LSU A&M and University System IT Policies

Policy Statements (PSs) represent policies of Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College. They are not binding upon other campuses of the University System and are subordinate to policies of the University System issued as Permanent Memoranda to the By-Laws and Regulations of the LSU Board of Supervisors to state and federal regulations and statutes. Policy Statements typically originate within one or more of the operating divisions of the University to address policy issues that are of a campus-wide nature. Policy Statements may also be issued to interpret and implement Permanent Memoranda, By-Laws and Regulations of the Board, or pursuant to the requirements of state and federal law. Please see "IT Policy Statement Quick Reference" for an overview of some of the topics discussed in IT Policy Statements.

Policy Updates

The IT Security & Policy Advisory Committee submits policies for review, comment, and action by the Vice Chancellors and Provost.  Please see "IT Policy Development Process & Advisory Committee Members" for more information on the policy development process.

LSU A&M IT Policy Statements

Note: Policies marked with an asterisk (*) are interim. Please e-mail your comments about the interim IT Policies at

University System Permanent Memoranda

PM-36 Louisiana State University System Information Security Plan

Server Justification and Disaster Recovery Plan Requirements

InCommon Federation

    POP (Participant Operational Practices)

Leadership, Responsibility, and Authority for the Security of LSU's IT Infrastructure

Position on Copyright Infringement