"blocked sign-in attempt" Phish


LSU Personnel started receiving phishing e-mails on December 12th 2017 related to an issue with e-mail account and requiring account verification

Subject of the Phishing e-mail - blocked sign-in attempt

Sender Name - ITS Help Desk

Sender e-mail address - The e-mail address appears to be come from helpdeck@lsu.edu; however, the actual sender is from @chello.at

The content of the message is (Links and other descriptors have been removed for security purposes):

 Phish Mail

The URL provided in the e-mail does not belong to LSU, and directs the user to a third-party site. The third party site appears as below (similar to our Single Sign-on page):

 Phish Site

NOTE: ALWAYS verify the URL provided in any e-mail and PLEASE NOTE that LSU will not ask you for your account information in such a fashion.